Bulls-Bucks meet in Green Bay. Fans offer predictions for 2009-10.


Oct 9

Bulls and Bucks Saturday night in Green Bay. Derrick Rose may miss his second straight pre season game with an achilles and ankle injury. No need to rush him back in the lineup if he’s not 100%.

We’ll have updates and tweets throughout the game and it will be televised on WGN.

We asked “Twitter Nation” for their NBA predictions for the 2009-10 season. Sure locks. Things that will definitely take place . We received great response: Here’s a sample:

JeffreyManego @swirsk054 Chicago Bulls will be either 5th or 6th seed. 100% lock. Los Angeles Clippers are playoff contenders. 100% lock

MJA773 @swirsk054 cavs celtics magic hawks 1-4 seeds in nba playoffs lock

talhaahmed @swirsk054 The Swirsk is missed in Toronto. A sure lock!

burnthelamb @swirsk054 Iguodala an all-star. 100% lock.

Lewickipedia @swirsk054 Bosh takes him game to another level-lock! Swirsky will bring out the salami and cheese at least once-100% lock. Cuban is fined at least once during the season-lock it down.

MikeDWBerg @swirsk054: Sure lock: The Bulls will have one player on the Eastern All Star team (Rose).

From_The_Chi @swirsk054 Ben Gordon will drop 40 on the Bulls at least once this season. 100% lock

jimkonandreas @swirsk054 Rose over Rondo, Williams, Calderon, Arenas, and Nelson is no lock. Bargnani breakout player of year – book that.

nyourfacebook Vince Carter will 1) attempt more 3s than dunks 2) get “injured” & play 1/2 a season RT @swirsk054: Tweet me with 100% NBA lock downs

Justinelliott10 @swirsk054 Lock: Durant wins scoring title

peruvianidol @swirsk054 Chuck Swirsky makes the NBA All-Twitter team. LOCK.

pipteena @swirsk054 ron artest crazy LOCKhim up,lol

ManuelAndrei @swirsk054 Sacramento Kings -> 100% lock to finish last in the West


timjohnson610 @swirsk054 bulls win nba championship – LOCK

theverdictblog @swirsk054 Lebron MVP for the 09-10 Season is a lock

sportsfan_GJ @swirsk054 Prediction (although negative) McGrady misses 20 games back/knee.

BayanQ @swirsk054 hope I’m not too late. Raps 50 games, Lakers 65 games, Cavs 65 games, Spurs 55 games, Celts 60 games.nbadeckdotcom @swirsk054 Lock: James Johnson leads NBA rookies in double-doubles.

Here are mine: Bulls will make the playoffs. LeBron wins MVP. Carlos Boozer will be traded. The Wizards will be the NBA’s most improved team. Lakers win the NBA title. Bill Wennington will eat at least three hot dogs in the NJ press room.

Always a pleasure. You can reach me through Twitter at swirsk054 or and you will receive a personal response.

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