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Nov 2

It’s a Monday-no game for the Bulls but I’m always thinking, eating and talking hoops. I love it!

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Carmelo Anthony-NBA Western Conference Player of the Week. Really? This guy is going off big time.

Reportedly Rudy Gay and O J Mayo are at odds . That’s a surprise. Can they ever get their act together in Memphis?

Brandon Jennings is getting it done for the Bucks and Derrick Rose will have to be ready for Jennings speed and ability to change gears.

Wish Michael Redd could stay healthy but we may never seen him go the 82 again.

Boston had no other choice than to give Boston’s Rajon Rondo a 5 year 55 million dollar deal.

The Raptors can flat out score with anyone and I mean anyone in the NBA. The key is can they make stops?

Trust me, Orlando is a lot better than people think after reshuffling the deck in the off season.

Give me Chris Paul any day of the week. He is one of the nicest people on the face of the Earth but once game time arrives he will destroy you. I love players who are competitive and play with a controlled anger, passion and spirit.

The sooner Denver gets a deal done with the general manager and coach the better. Not a big believer in paying coaches tons of money but if you’ve got a winner-keep him.

How many points are the Knicks giving up per game?

Bill Walton is the greatest college basketball ever. Not greatest player-ever . That’s MJ. But Walton made his teammates better. Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Lew Alcindor) at UCLA was awesome but he was a one man gang. Walton is leaving ESPN to take care of his health.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the Bears to win the NFC North but I loved what Brett Farve did to the Packers. Never-ever have liked the Packers. If they went 0-16 I’d love it.

Back to hoops.

I miss the fact that cities like Seattle and Vancouver are no longer in the league.

Why do I have a hunch the Warriors want to make a trade?

OK, so you don’t like the coach but do Pistons players have to constantly throw Michael Curry under the bus? He is gone. Fired. Disappeared. Let it go!

After watching Tim Duncan at the United Center last Thursday I hope fans truly appreciate how fundamentally sound he is.

Twitter is here to stay. I love getting “Tweets” from fans during the game. Follow me- Chuck Swirsky or Swirsk054.

Dwayne Wade doesn’t like the rims at the UC. Well, you can always fix them! Speaking of Wade, on Sunday he went over the 10-thousand career points mark becoming the first Heat player to accomplish that feat in franchise history. Not even a standing ovation in front of “15-thousand” spectators. What’s up with that?

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