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Dec 31

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau likened it to heavyweights exchanging gasp inducing blows. Joakim Noah called it one of the best performances he’s ever participated in. Luol Deng marveled it was the Derrick Rose show.

Rose? With “MVP, MVP” chants raining down on him despite it being the Los Angeles Clippers home opener Friday and a mostly spectacular game from Blake …

Dec 30

Now what was so difficult about that? All the Bulls had to do was to listen to all of us screaming for them to push the ball and attack, play like they wanted to win the game instead of observing it.

“I told you from the beginning I was going to be more aggressive and attack the hole,” said Derrick …

Dec 29

The defense for the Bulls, we knew, was good. So how do you get better? Improved offense, obviously, for a team ranked 20th in scoring and 13th in shooting last season.

And while it’s not much of a sample with the Bulls 1-1 heading into Thursday’s game in Sacramento, the Bulls have gotten worse. They were 22nd in scoring and …

Dec 27

Derrick says he’s going back to being Derrick.

“I think in the first quarter I’ve got to establish myself a little bit more,” said the reigning league MVP who aside from that wonderful game saving floater against the Lakers Christmas Day hasn’t been very valuable at all as the Bulls were bludgeoned 99-91 by the Golden State Warriors Monday. “I …

Dec 26

So it’s Game 2 of the 66-game sprint, and it’s not that I’m bored. I’m not, but sometimes you have to go beyond the box score.

And, sure, Luol Deng had a huge impact on the big Christmas Day win over the Lakers Sunday, getting 21 points, seven rebounds, four steals, including the big one late off Joakim Noah’s pressure …

Dec 26

Joakim Noah is adept at making the pithy observation, and so it was as he sat somewhat giddy after Sunday’s dramatic Bulls comeback victory, 88-87, after trailing by six with 54.6 seconds remaining.

“What a way to start an NBA season,” Noah said, a smile spreading across his face. “I feel that’s an understatement.”

It wasn’t so much celebratory in …

Dec 25

There’s always been that mythical torch of excellence supposedly passed around in relay form from one great, exciting player to the player from the next era, from Wilt to Kareem, from Dr. J. to Michael, from Kobe to… Derrick Rose?

And so it may well have been Christmas Day in Los Angeles with the Bulls trailing by 11 with less …

Dec 25

Not that it was a sad Christmas morning for Derrick Rose, but he said there was nothing under the tree in his Bulls hotel room before Sunday’s game against the Lakers.

“The only gift I actually got,” said Rose, who got his early holiday present with his new Bulls contract last week, “my girlfriend gave me a painting of Malcolm …

Dec 24

The NBA generally tries to set the premier Christmas Day game matchups as possible Finals previews. So, predictably, the Miami Heat play the defending champion Dallas Mavericks and the Bulls play the Los Angeles Lakers.

And how delicious would that encore be once again after 20 years when the Bulls won their first NBA championship in Los Angeles in 1991.…

Dec 23

The long delayed NBA season finally begins Sunday, Christmas Day, and for the first time in more than a decade, Bulls fans are excited, really excited.

David Axelrod will concur. David’s been busy these days with his main job, chief strategist for President Obama’s re-election campaign after serving two years in the White House as the president’s senior advisor. But …

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