Rose out Sunday and to see back specialist


Feb 12

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C.J. Watson might want to stop thinking about that All-Star game three-point shooting contest. It looks like he may be the starting point guard for the Bulls for a while now.

Derrick Rose sat out Sunday’s national TV matchup with the Boston Celtics, his seventh missed game this season in 30 and more than in his first three seasons combined. Before the game, Rose said he would see a back specialist in Chicago Monday about how to proceed.

Rose admitted his back has bothered him throughout this 16-day road trip. It’s been called spasms and soreness by Rose and the team, and Rose has been taking it game by game whether to play. He said playing each game has been his decision alone, but it’s finally gotten to the point now with him missing his second consecutive game Sunday that it’s too painful and uncomfortable to even try, as he did Wednesday in New Orleans.

Rose came into the locker room before the game to talk with reporters, and he clearly was walking stiffly. He said he cannot identify anything happening to cause it and likened it to a similar situation he endured during his senior year in high school, but that time it just disappeared as mysteriously as it came and he was able to play in the state tournament. This time, Rose said, despite regular treatments the pain has not diminished.

“It started the first time I remember it happening in high school,” Rose said. “In college, I did not have it. All of a sudden, it just happens now. Tomorrow, I’ll meet with some people and try to figure some things out.

“The pain is in my lower back,” Rose said. “Hopefully it will go away like it did in high school. The whole trip (it’s bothered me). I just played through it. It tended to get worse after every game. I was really worried about it, just trying to stay positive and hopefully I’ll be all right. I don’t know what the diagnosis is. I just know my back is not right. It just came out of nowhere. That’s the scary thing about it.

“I felt it was something that was easily going away,” Rose admitted, “but it’s just lingering on. I can’t say I’ll be out (next week or All-Star weekend). If I feel good tomorrow, I’ll definitely play (Tuesday), but I don’t know yet.

“It’s killing me now not being able to play,” Rose said. “But when I do play my minutes are definitely down. It’s getting to me, especially missing this game. I‘ve just got to stay positive and hope for the best. I really couldn’t move out there (against New Orleans), but we won the game. I could barely walk (afterwards). Hopefully, I’ll get treatments and it calms down. If not, I’ll take my time.

“It’s really my decision (whether to play),” Rose said. “If I feel good. Nobody can tell me how I feel but myself. If I feel good I’m going to try to go. During the game if it’s hurting and we’re up and have a big lead I can sit out. Now it’s just hurting a little bit more.

“I could wake up (tomorrow) and it feels good,” said Rose hopefully. “In high school, I didn’t get any treatment or anything. I just took a couple of days off and I was able to play Downstate and I did not feel it. Hopefully it’s the same thing. Not being able to move is a whole other thing. This came from out of nowhere.”

Rose said he’s optimistic about the team’s fortunes, though.

“We have a deep team,” Rose noted. “If one of us goes out another guy comes in and does the job. That’s what makes us a special team. If I’m not playing, I don’t have to worry about it because we have C.J. and J. Luc coming in and they play well under pressure. I’m not worried (about being out). What’s killing me is missing these many games. Hopefully, I’ll see someone who knows what’s going on and will be able to fix it.”

I mentioned to Rose that when I grew up the agreement was chicken soup would cure just about everything.

Rose said he doesn’t eat soup.

“It’s my first time ever missing this many games in my life, period,” said Rose. It hurts not being able to be out with team. I was the guy always on the court. If I was injured, I’d miss a game or two and be back. To miss these many games and knowing we are playing great. I love that we’re winning, but I’d love to be out there.”

Rose said he doesn’t think his issues have anything to do with the unusual season.

“Something just happened,” said Rose. “I did not have any falls on my back. It’s something I just woke up and my back was tight and I really can’t get rid of it now.”

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