Bulls.Com x Lace T-Shirt Dress


Mar 27

Bulls.Com x Lace T-Shirt Dress – Lined/High Neckline/Semi-Sheer Cuffs/Buttoned Keyhole

This x lovely lined lace dress has a high neckline and a scalloped hem with the delicately formed short sleeves trimmed in semi sheer white cuffs. The body of the dress is lined with lightweight fabric that feels cool against your skin allowing it to breathe in hot weather making this dress desirable to wear for a summer day. The sleeves are a raglan style which taper into your shoulders as they align easily with the white slipped lining. The back of the dress has a buttoned keyhole fastening at the top collar area, so that the address is easy to slip on over your head. Lovely when worn with a pair of bright red sandals, you will have lots of fun finding colorful accessories to wear with it and plenty of places to wear it to. This dress is 100% cotton and is hand-washable so it won’t shrink or fade over timed wearing. Sizes available for this dress are 6 & 14.

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