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Dec 13

It was the same old story for the Bulls Wednesday in a 96-89 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. Perhaps fatigue is setting in on the second of a back to back with a late home game to accommodate TV and then an early start in Philadelphia. The Bulls open the fourth quarter with seven misses and a turnover as the …

Dec 12

Considering the circumstances, the Bulls’ 94-89 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers Tuesday wasn’t all that bad. Look, it was the likes of some of the greatest athletes in the NBA today, like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, helping the Clippers to 10 dunks while George Yardley, Togo Palazzi, Harry Gallatin, Max Zaslofsky and Bobby Wanzer just couldn’t keep up.…

Dec 11

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul is one person who isn’t surprised about Marco Belinelli’s recent hot stretch.

“He’s one of the best shooters you’ll ever see,” said Paul on Tuesday following his team’s shootaround at the United Center. “The thing is, Beli can shoot off the move [and] he can shoot standstill. So a lot of times, it’s …

Dec 11

It’s not really a mob because they’re from Los Angeles, where, to quote the great philosopher Neil Diamond, the sun shines most the time and the feeling is lay back.

So call the Los Angeles Clippers’ reserves, who rank among the most substantial in the NBA, the Bench Coterie.

They’re in the United Center with former Bulls coach Vinny Del …

Dec 9

Maybe Saturday’s Bulls 93-85 victory over the East leading New York Knicks wasn’t quite as good as it gets, but it was as good as it’s been this season for the Bulls.

Not only was it just the second victory over a team with a winning record. But it was the team coming off a blowout win in Miami and …

Dec 8

The basketball world little notes nor long remembers an early December Bulls 108-104 victory over the Detroit Pistons, the Bulls 16th consecutive over Detroit.

The Bulls moved their record to a pedestrian 10-8 with a Saturday matchup in the United Center against the East leading New York Knicks.

But Friday’s win was more a moment in time to savor, a …

Dec 6

Joakim Noah offered one of the classic bits in NBA history with his riff in the 2010 playoffs on the lack of people choosing to vacation in Cleveland.

Perhaps it wasn’t completely a day at the beach for the Bulls in Cleveland Wednesday. But the Bulls’ relatively one sided 95-85 victory in which they trailed for only 42 seconds was …

Dec 5

This isn’t looking very good for the Bulls, who fell Tuesday to 8-8 after an 80-76 loss to the Indiana Pacers that, nevertheless, left them in a three-way tie for the Central Division lead.

That would be somewhat the equivalent of being the star of The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas movie. Nice to get top billing, though no one …

Dec 2

It turns out Richard Hamilton tore his plantar fascia in his left foot late in the third quarter of the Bulls Saturday night win over the 76ers, according to Bulls sources.

But that’s sort of the good news.

Plantar fasciitis, the painful inflammation on the bottom of the foot, can last months. At times, treatment will include a tear so …

Dec 2

Early in the Bulls’ 93-88 win over the Philadelphia 76ers Saturday, Joakim Noah bit the head off a live rooster. Later in the first half, Noah drew a technical foul for explaining to 76ers forward Evan Turner how one man launches another to the moon. And before the evening was over, Noah operated on himself without anesthetic.

Well, he did …

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