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Oct 26

Nothing is going to be decided Tuesday when the Bulls open the 2015-16 NBA season against their rivals, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We’ll hear afterward that it’s a long season and it’s about the playoffs and much will change in the next six or seven months. But when you are the Bulls and James has ended your season …

Oct 26

I was reminded Monday after Bulls practice about Jerry’s mom from the Seinfeld series. She’d heard about “Crazy” Joe Davola not liking Jerry. She’s stunned, in disbelief. “How can anyone not like you!” she exclaims. “Doesn’t like you? How can that be?”

And then there was Derrick Rose Monday concluding another long media session in the Advocate Center and being …

Oct 24

It was the first day of the rest of the Bulls lives Friday in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Bulls closed the preseason with a 103-102 victory over the Dallas Mavericks in the first game of their preseason.

Derrick Rose was back playing for the first time, flying down the lanes, and thus all seemed, if not perfect, much better for the …

Oct 23

Derrick Rose makes his 2015-16 NBA debut Friday in Lincoln, Nebraska.

It’s never quite what you expect with Rose and the Bulls.

“I’m excited,” said Rose after Bulls practice Friday morning. “I don’t know how I’m going to play. But I’m just happy to be running around out there and just getting a groove for the game. I’m playing tonight. …

Oct 22

Derrick Rose Friday will play in his first preseason game for the 2015-16 season.

Unless, of course, he doesn’t.

But it is now looking—even if Rose’s rose colored glasses still are showing two of everything—as if Rose will at least play for a few minutes when the Bulls close the preseason in Lincoln, Neb.

“Every day I’m improving,” Rose said …

Oct 20

Call the Bulls Spurs East?

Well, not quite yet. But the Bulls Tuesday in defeating the Indiana Pacers 103-94 rode to victory with a very Spurs like formula of piling on with strong production from the reserves.

“The bench came in and really pushed us,” agreed Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg. “Jo [Noah] was terrific, Taj [Gibson] was really good and …

Oct 19

The Bulls aren’t exactly building toward opening night.

Seemingly taking a step backward from the aim of playing a faster, unselfish game, the Bulls Monday reverted to more individual play and a tentative game in a 94-86 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

The Bulls were led by Jimmy Butler with 18 points while playing 37 minutes, Taj Gibson with an …

Oct 15

Heeeeeeeee’s back! Derrick Rose….

What, is it February 2, already? Yes, Yogi, it is like deja vu all over again.

Derrick Rose Thursday met reporters in the Advocate Center for the first time since media day and his fractured orbital bone the first day of preseason practice and declared himself anxious to return from injury.

Opening night, Oct. 27 against …

Oct 15

Nothing appears to have been set up quite yet, But if the Illinois Tollway Authority is considering how to speed up traffic for the I-PASS lane, they might consult the Bulls. Because the Bulls don’t appear to be putting up much resistance to traffic.

“I am disappointed in us not getting back,” said Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg Wednesday after the …

Oct 14

It’s a somber time in the NBA these days with the sad news regarding Lamar Odom, the 14-year veteran and champion with the Los Angeles Lakers who is in critical condition after an apparent drug incident and possible stroke.

NBA players have been sending messages of support and prayer, and the heart-rending news hit the Bulls as well for former …

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