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May 10

The Bulls received the most votes for NBA Executive of the Year.

But they did not win.

Perhaps the NBA figured with the MVP and Coach of the Year that already was too much.

Actually, Bulls general manager Gar Forman and Miami’s Pat Riley Tuesday were named co-winners of the NBA’s Executive of the Year award.

But in a …

Feb 24

On Wednesday, Heat forward Juwan Howard made headlines when he tabbed Bulls guard Derrick Rose over his teammate, LeBron James, as his choice for NBA MVP.

Following the Heat’s shootaround at the United Center on Thursday, Howard didn’t back off that stance. But perhaps more surprisingly, Rose picked up additional support from another member of the Heat, this time from …

Feb 22

Here comes Joakim back to play Wednesday, and here comes the Miami Heat Thursday to the United Center, as the unofficial post All-Star break stretch drive begins Tuesday in the NBA. If the playoffs started today, it would be Bulls and–uh oh–Carmelo Anthony’s Knicks?

Yes, the much anticipated and too much discussed trade finally is expected to be finalized Tuesday …

Feb 21

What would it have been like if LeBron James came to the Bulls last summer?

Let me say despite what you may have heard or believe, Derrick Rose did nothing to discourage James. But had he come to Chicago, Rose might have turned into a shooting guard.

Because for much of Sunday’s fairly mundane NBA All-Star game won by the …

Feb 20

Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, the two Chicago guys, stood side by side Saturday morning near the top of the three point circle, watching the Eastern All-Stars going through some light drills preparing for Sunday’s NBA All-Star game.

Rose laughed as Wade leaned into his ear and said something, Wade’s arm around Rose’s shoulder. Just two contented teammates.

Sure, but …

Feb 19

Derrick Rose is interested in these Carmelo Anthony rumors as well, though not quite like the average Bulls fan. Which is also another reason why Rose is perhaps a leading league MVP candidate and you are chanting his name.

It seems almost certain the high scoring Anthony will soon end up with the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets, …

Feb 18

One time, nearly a decade ago, the Bulls were trying to acquire Kevin Garnett.

Not to say they have him now, and certainly not his verbal assaults. But Taj Gibson says he’s enjoying playing the Garnett role in the Bulls defense, which, for the record, is better than Boston’s this season. And though no one is saying so, it could …

Feb 18

Maybe it is the shoes.

Hey, has that one been used already?

Oh yeah, him.

Part of All-Star weekend is the fashion show, and Derrick Rose will use Sunday’s game to wear the latest version of his new adidas sneaker with a nice, sentimental touch that is so much like Rose.

He is hosting almost two dozen family members and …

Feb 10

Sometimes you have an epiphany, and Jerry Sloan apparently had one Wednesday night when his Utah Jazz were losing to the Bulls.

Jerry realized the inmates had taken over the asylum, and this time the guards weren’t going to do anything about it. Deron Williams, so it seems from the reports of internal friction with Sloan, got the biggest coaching …

Feb 8

If there’s something to this All-Star snub/revenge thing, then the Bulls should be going to Kyle Korver Wednesday when they play the Utah Jazz.

That’s because Korver seemed to be the most egregious omission from the three point shootout contestants announced Tuesday.

Defending champion Paul Pierce will face Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, James Jones, Daniel Gibson and Dorell Wright in …

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