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Feb 19

Derrick Rose is interested in these Carmelo Anthony rumors as well, though not quite like the average Bulls fan. Which is also another reason why Rose is perhaps a leading league MVP candidate and you are chanting his name.

It seems almost certain the high scoring Anthony will soon end up with the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets, …

Feb 18

One time, nearly a decade ago, the Bulls were trying to acquire Kevin Garnett.

Not to say they have him now, and certainly not his verbal assaults. But Taj Gibson says he’s enjoying playing the Garnett role in the Bulls defense, which, for the record, is better than Boston’s this season. And though no one is saying so, it could …

Feb 18

Maybe it is the shoes.

Hey, has that one been used already?

Oh yeah, him.

Part of All-Star weekend is the fashion show, and Derrick Rose will use Sunday’s game to wear the latest version of his new adidas sneaker with a nice, sentimental touch that is so much like Rose.

He is hosting almost two dozen family members and …

Feb 10

Sometimes you have an epiphany, and Jerry Sloan apparently had one Wednesday night when his Utah Jazz were losing to the Bulls.

Jerry realized the inmates had taken over the asylum, and this time the guards weren’t going to do anything about it. Deron Williams, so it seems from the reports of internal friction with Sloan, got the biggest coaching …

Feb 8

If there’s something to this All-Star snub/revenge thing, then the Bulls should be going to Kyle Korver Wednesday when they play the Utah Jazz.

That’s because Korver seemed to be the most egregious omission from the three point shootout contestants announced Tuesday.

Defending champion Paul Pierce will face Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, James Jones, Daniel Gibson and Dorell Wright in …

Feb 3

The coaches in the Eastern Conference pretty much decided Derrick Rose is carrying the Bulls and no member of the Boston Celtics deserves league MVP consideration.

At least that is one way to interpret the results for All-Star reserves announced Thursday with four Celtics being voted by the coaches to the All-Star team, while Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng were …

Jan 27

So now what about Booz?

Derrick Rose on Thursday became the 12th Bull and first since 1998 to be named a starter for the NBA All-Star team with the official announcement on the TNT pregame show.

Rose, an All-Star reserve last season, joins Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire and Dwight Howard as Eastern Conference starters. Boston’s Doc Rivers has …

Jan 19

It turns out Carmelo Anthony is not as dumb and greedy as we were led to believe.

No, he’s not going to the New Jersey Nets in a trade, which Nets owner and oligarch (I love covering oligarchs) Mikhail Prokhorov announced Wednesday after arriving back in the U.S. Prokhorov said that the trade talks had become a distraction–apparently denying the …

Jan 10

It’s nothing special anymore, Ben Gordon back in the United Center, one of the best shooting guards in franchise history.

“I have a lot of good memories here,” Gordon was saying before Monday’s game. “Even though the fans boo me now.”

Reporters probably miss Gordon as much as any former Bull given he’s always one of the most accessible, friendly …

Dec 21

Doug Collins has proven to be a coach with the ability to come in to a new job and make a short-term impact.

So when his Philadelphia 76ers started out the season 3-13, it was clear he had his work cut out for him. However, his team has turned things around since then, going 8-3 over their past 11 games.…

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