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Feb 17

Derrick Rose has missed more games this season than in his previous three seasons combined, and he’ll probably miss his 10th game Saturday when the Bulls host the New Jersey Nets.

Richard Hamilton, who was expected to take the offensive pressure off Rose, has played in just 11 of the 32 games.

Yet, the Bulls are in the top 10 …

Jan 30

Derrick Rose had a warning for the Washington Wizards Monday after the Bulls’ heartbreaking Sunday loss to the Miami Heat and Rose’s late missed free throws.

“It just makes me hungrier,” Rose said. “Where tonight I’m going to try to go crazy.”

Rose said he got encouragement from friends as the team left for Washington.

“I know if I get …

Jan 28

It’s national TV; last season’s Eastern Conference finalists; the team with the best record in the conference, the Bulls; against the team most expect to win the NBA title, the Miami Heat.

It doesn’t get any bigger than Sunday in Miami for a regular season NBA game, and if the coaches don’t care to acknowledge that and the Bulls are …

Dec 21

History is most difficult to recognize when you are watching it occur. You sort of have the idea you may be seeing something special, but you never can fully grasp the significance, from Abraham Lincoln’s words to Babe Ruth’s deeds.

After all, you figure, if you are there it is just life. But as it’s been said, the biography of …

Apr 15

Bulls/Pacers hasn’t exactly been one of the great NBA rivalries, especially since the teams have met just once in the playoffs, the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals.

Of course, it might have been something if the Pacers had drafted Michael Jordan, which they should have.

They hate being reminded about that, though only a bit more than when they passed on …

Apr 5

In some respects, Artis Gilmore was going to be Derrick Rose, the man who would erase memories of recent failures and carry the Bulls to their championship aspirations.

It didn’t happen because, really, the best of Artis had passed in the American Basketball Association, where he was that league’s version of Wilt. Like when Gilmore came up with 28 points …

Feb 10

Sometimes you have an epiphany, and Jerry Sloan apparently had one Wednesday night when his Utah Jazz were losing to the Bulls.

Jerry realized the inmates had taken over the asylum, and this time the guards weren’t going to do anything about it. Deron Williams, so it seems from the reports of internal friction with Sloan, got the biggest coaching …

Dec 24

Bulls and Knicks, Christmas Day in Madison Square Garden. Yes, that’s a rivalry.

No, the Knicks and Celtics are not a rivalry, as the Knicks wanted to make it a week ago or so when they played Boston and Paul Pierce laughed about it. The Bulls and Knicks, yes, that’s a rivalry.

The nation’s No. 1 city, at least in …

Nov 10

Quintin Dailey, the Bulls’ No. 1 draft pick in 1982–seventh overall in the NBA draft and a vivid reminder of the worst of times in Bulls’ history–died at 49 in his sleep earlier this week in his Las Vegas home of heart disease.

We hadn’t heard much from Dailey for the last decade or so, which was a good thing …

Nov 1

 It was a difficult day Monday for the Portland Trail Blazers coming into Chicago to play the Bulls. They received the news late Sunday that team legend and assistant coach Maurice Lucas had died of cancer.

Hearing Lucas’ name always brings a smile to the faces of many around the NBA for his tough guy, enforcer image that defined the …

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