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Jan 20

The Bulls Saturday at the United Center and various sites around the area host the annual Kyle Korver coat drive. I don’t write about many charitable endeavors, though the Bulls and various players are involved in quite a few. But I love this one just because of the immediacy and utility of the cause, especially as Chicago Friday sits under …

Nov 20

Sure, it’s fun being part of the band. But when they hit a bad note, it’s never the lead singers who get the blame.

And so it’s been for several of the Bulls reserves players, mostly shooting guards Keith Bogans and Ronnie Brewer and point guard C.J. Watson, who hear the rumbles, that the team needs to replace them, needs …

Nov 11

If it appeared Joakim Noah played with a slightly higher level of energy and enthusiasm on Thursday, the credit may go to his father, Yannick Noah, in town to see his son play for the first time this season.

The elder Noah, a former professional tennis player who won the men’s singles title at the French Open in 1983, lives …

Oct 28

Sometimes you have to hear the truth to shake you out of your lethargy. Taj Gibson needed to as well.

Because he works so hard, says so little, makes no excuses and really will do whatever the team wants instead of just saying it, Gibson tends to get taken for granted. Like the guy at work who runs out for …

Oct 26

It may have been a sign that preseason was too long or that Derrick Rose still is a kid at heart. But at the end of the last full Bulls practice before the opening of the 2010-11 season Tuesday, Rose considered just how he was going to handle Halloween Sunday.

“My mom or girlfriend is probably going to have to …

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