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Dec 15

The Bulls Tuesday left the United States for a game with the Toronto Raptors with a winning streak and a potential All Star center.

They come back after defeating the Raptors Wednesday 110-93 with a seventh straight victory, but no starting center.

Customs may have gotten tougher.

That’s because the Bulls announced as soon as Wednesday’s game ended that potential

Jul 1

As the Great One said, “And away we go.”

No, not LeBron, the real Great One, Jackie Gleason. Of course, that may be bad karma here as he went to Miami.

No, I don’t believe LeBron is going to Miami to form some superhero trio of Flash, Batman and Robin, also known as Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh, …

Apr 20

The Bulls Thursday play Game 3 of what may be the most important playoff series in franchise history.

And thus far, even though the Bulls trail 0-2, the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers may be going very well.

That’s because based on what LeBron James has seen in the first two games, especially in the Cavs 112-102 Game 2 victory …

Mar 31

What’s that I’m seeing in the distance, very hazy, faint, just really a speck now?

Yes, that’s it. The Bulls’ playoff hopes.

The Bulls Tuesday suffered a brutal, perhaps playoff fatal 111-105 loss at the United Center to the Phoenix Suns as Steve Nash carved up the Bulls down the stretch, and though the Bulls again were victimized by injury …

Mar 30

By Adam Fluck

After winning four out of their last five games, the Bulls would love nothing more than to complete a season sweep of the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday at the United Center and inch closer to a playoff spot.

However, the Suns come in with an overall mark of 47-26 and a seven-game winning streak, thus securing a …

Mar 29

Well, that was a fun playoff race while it lasted.

Remember when it got going for real after the Bulls beat the Pistons in Auburn Hills Sunday afternoon? It didn’t look so good about 24 hours later when the seemingly dysfunctional Toronto Raptors went into Charlotte and outplayed the Bobcats 103-101.

It gives the Raptors a full one game lead …

Mar 28

I wrote Saturday I didn’t believe, based on the way the Bulls collapsed Thursday at home against the Miami Heat, that they could beat the New Jersey Nets.

It looks like my plan worked.

The Bulls needed someone to call them out, and I decided it had to be me at this point.

Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking …

Mar 10

There’s a famous story from the 1998 playoffs I was reminded of watching the Bulls submit and lose to the Utah Jazz Tuesday, 132-108, the team’s fifth consecutive loss in falling to ninth place and, at least for now, out of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

The Lakers were trailing 3-0 in the Western Conference finals and just finished …

Mar 3

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This is our second live chat on the blog, thanks for joining in, let’s get started…

3:01pm Sam will the bulls make any significant moves in the ’10 free agency? via text message

I think they are …

Feb 16

Well, that was fun while it lasted. Yeah, All-Star weekend, too.

I’m taking about AmareFest, the delicious two weeks of speculation about whether your team could get All-Star starter Amar’e Stoudemire in trade.

I never thought it made sense, and now the Suns apparently agree with me.

With the official announcement Monday of the firing of coach Terry Porter, who …

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