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Apr 11

It was clearly written for the Bulls on the board as soon as you walked into the locker room before Sunday’s potential playoff playin game with the Toronto Raptors.

“How bad do we want it?”

It might have needed an adverb, but the message was clear.

Joakim Noah got it, and everyone followed along for a 104-88 domination in which …

Apr 10

Well, at least there didn’t seem to be much of a depression hangover for the Bulls from Friday’s numbing double overtime loss to the Washington Generals, err, New Jersey Nets.

The Bulls gathered Saturday afternoon on the upstairs practice floor in the Air Canada Centre for a light workout while on the main floor the Harlem Globetrotters were performing.


Apr 10

It now comes down, as we probably always figured, to Sunday in Toronto.

With the Bulls’ heartbreaking 127-116 double overtime loss to the New Jersey Nets Friday in which they blew a seven-point lead with 1:09 left in the first overtime, the Bulls head for Toronto at 38-41 tied for eighth place in the Eastern Conference with the Raptors.

The …

Apr 8

So which conspiracy theory was yours for Thursday with LeBron James sitting out the national cable TNT game with the Bulls.

The Cavs would rather play the Bulls in the playoffs because they believe the Bulls are an even easier out in the playoffs than the Raptors without the injured Chris Bosh.

The Cavs want the Bulls as a historic …

Apr 7

I know if you were a Bulls fan what you wanted to do if you were watching Tuesday’s awful, 79-74 Milwaukee Bucks victory over the Bulls, especially with Toronto losing in Cleveland with a chance to tie for eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

After kicking in your TV screen.

Sign a shooter. Can’t anyone here make a shot? Hello, …

Apr 6

By Adam Fluck

Tuesday marked the first time that the Bulls and Bucks hooked up following the three-player deal between the organizations on Feb. 18. On that day, Chicago sent John Salmons to Milwaukee in exchange for Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander.

While the Bulls have struggled with injuries these last few months and are fighting for a postseason spot, …

Apr 4

The Bulls players insisted they didn’t see it, but everyone else did. Eighth place Toronto had won again earlier in the day. The seventh place Bobcats had come off the floor Saturday night from a dozen behind in the third quarter and trailing the first 36 minutes to stun the Bulls with an 11-2 run to open the fourth quarter …

Jan 9

It’s never much fun to lose, and the Bulls weren’t smiling very much after coming back from a 17-point deficit Friday only to lose to the Milwaukee Bucks 96-93.

But it was a heck of a game from both teams, not necessarily artful with both teams shooting below 41 percent though with some cheap shots, a bit of a pushing …

Dec 10

The NBA Thursday released its first All-Star game fan balloting results, and another year seems like it may go by without a Bulls player being voted to the All-Star team, which would make 11 years.

The fans select the starters and the coaches vote for the reserves. The way the Bulls have been playing this season, it may hurt the …

Dec 1

Well, at least it wasn’t a blowout this time. And nobody got hurt. And the post game pizza was still hot and it was Milwaukee and it wasn’t snowing. So there were some positives Monday.

But the Bulls came home—to the Midwest, at least—but lost to the Milwaukee Bucks 99-97 when Brad Miller’s 18 footer with less than a second …

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