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Jan 14

It’s a new day, NBA. The Boston Celtics are dead. Long rule the new kids, the Bulls.

There’s no official passing of the torch in the NBA. But the Bulls with an impressive 88-79 victory over the Celtics in Boston Friday moved to the best record in the NBA at 11-2 with arguably the most difficult schedule leading the league …

Jan 12

Just imagine you didn’t know anyone in the NBA and you watched the Bulls Wednesday defeat the Washington Wizards 78-64. You’d never heard of the point guards playing against one another, John Wall and John Lucas III.

Lucas, leading the Bulls, had 25 points, eight rebounds and eight assists with two turnovers, while Wall for the losers was without a …

Jan 8

In basketball, as in life, there occasionally are times like the Bulls’ unusually uncompetitive 109-94 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Call it: Saturday happens!

“In this league,” offered Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, “you usually get what you deserve.”

It was stunning in many respects as Derrick Rose with eight points, six assists and five turnovers likely had the poorest game …

Dec 21

The Bulls concluded the 2011-12 two-game preseason technically tied for the preseason championship at 2-0 with Tuesday’s more-impressive-than-the-final score 93-85 victory over Indiana.

Richard Hamilton made his Bulls debut convincingly with 13 points and six assists, running the fast break beautifully with Derrick Rose and hitting his only three point attempt. Rose, who is expected to join the Bulls in …

Dec 15

It’s been 203 days since that discouraging, draining May 26 night in the United Center. But now: They’re back!

The Bulls Friday again play NBA basketball, the first of two preseason games before the opening of the labor-shortened, 66-game season Christmas Day against the Lakers. The Bulls Friday visit the Indiana Pacers, whom they defeated in a rugged five game …

May 26

Down 3-1 to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and coming off the heels of a heartbreaking overtime loss in Miami, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said prior to Game 5 at the United Center that very little would change in the team’s game plan, and, perhaps more importantly, their day by day mentality.

“Our team has approached everything the …

Mar 16

This Bulls season, in some respects, is a referendum or perhaps laboratory experiment on how to construct a team, whether to populate it with superstar talents or whether to combine pieces that mesh even if they don’t sparkle.

And while the final verdict won’t be in for several months, thus far the conventional wisdom that you need more stars is …

Mar 12

Saturday the Bulls celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first NBA championship with a reunion ceremony for the players from that team.

On Friday, these 2011 Bulls took a page out of the book of their champion ancestors in a 94-76 rout of the Atlanta Hawks.

“We tried to take their confidence five minutes into the third quarter,” said Derrick …

Mar 1

I don’t get many questions anymore about John Wall vs. Derrick Rose, and there’ll likely be even fewer after Monday’s Bulls 105-77 win over the Washington Wizards with Rose dominating a mostly invisible Wall.

Did you even know he was in the game?

This is supposed to be the era of the point guard, but the latest youngsters have stumbled …

Feb 16

What a perfect scene at the Bulls-Bobcats game Tuesday night at the United Center. The Bobcats were one of four teams in the NBA this season the Bulls had not defeated, and sitting just off his team’s bench was Charlotte owner Michael Jordan, the master of basketball vengeance.

So what better occasion to deliver some, and to paraphrase the Talmud, …

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