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May 12

Time to strike up the band and get Benny the Bull out to O’Hare!

Oh, right. That didn’t work last time when the Bulls met Tracy McGrady in 2000 with a carnival and he fled to Orlando.

But NBA free agency 2010 just got a lot more interesting Tuesday night when the Cleveland Cavaliers and a passive, seemingly disinterested LeBron …

Apr 28

So what happens next?

The Bulls Tuesday in losing the opening round playoff series to the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1 concluded what generally was a successful season with a second straight 41-41 record and first round playoff elimination. Yes, even with another first round out. This was to be the appetizer.

But given injuries that cost Joakim Noah 18 games and …

Apr 9

So why did the Bulls waive Jerome James and sign Notre Dame’s Rob Kurz with four games left in the season and perhaps some more games for the playoffs?

I asked Vinny before Friday’s game whether it was a plan to fool the Nets and start Kurz and completely mess up the Nets scouting report on the Bulls.

We both …

Feb 18

NBA free agency for the summer of 2010 may have changed dramatically with the series of apparent and imminent trades Wednesday night, and the Bulls were right in the middle among those who could be major beneficiaries.

With the Bulls expected deal of John Salmons, rumored to be to the Milwaukee Bucks for a pair of players mentioned in various …

Feb 17

The Bulls Tuesday played like a team that wanted to stay together in an overwhelming 118-85 victory over the New York Knicks, who played like a team that wants to be with anyone but one another.

And they may soon be.

The latest rumor had the Bulls and Knicks supposedly the leading contenders to break up their teams to acquire …

Feb 11

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Well, Derrick Rose got to Dallas and I didn’t. Snow in Dallas and it’s clear in Chicago. Next thing you know Jason Kidd will make the All-Star team.


Anyway, it doesn’t seem to matter that much to the NBA that I’m still at O’Hare rummaging for a flight. Rose got to Dallas …

Dec 23

The Bulls lost still another, this time Tuesday in New York, 88-81 to the Knicks, in a game in which the Bulls had the ball and a chance for a three to tie with 30 seconds left.

So they recovered, at least somewhat, from the shock of Monday’s staggering 35-point lost lead against the Sacramento Kings which left the Bulls …

Oct 22

So what’s the view of the Bulls from the outside coming into this season? It seems actually a bit more optimistic from the Vegas guys than it does from the NBA guys. Which I actually think is a good thing for the Bulls as the Vegas guys’ jobs depend on paying closer attention to all the teams.

The NBA released …

Jul 25

LAS VEGAS—Introducing your Chicago Bulls, 2009-10.

G: Derrick Rose G: John Salmons G: Kirk Hinrich G: Jannero Pargo G: Lindsey Hunter

F: Luol Deng F: Tyrus Thomas F: James Johnson F: Taj Gibson

C: Joakim Noah C: Brad Miller C: Jerome James C: Aaron Gray

With USA Basketball wrapping up its tryout camp here with a public scrimmage game Saturday, …

Jul 16

LAS VEGAS — Yes, that would be the Summer League version of coming up snake eyes Wednesday for the Bulls kids.

“We got out toughed, including myself,” agreed James Johnson, who had 16 points, but shot four of 15 with a half dozen turnovers and perhaps a dozen defensive deficiencies in the Bulls 87-72 loss to Milwaukee. “We can’t have …

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