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Nov 10

Welcoming back to your box of chocolates Chicago Bulls. That’s right, you just never know what you are going to get.

Sure, you’ll generally get good performances from Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade, Butler with 39 points Wednesday and Wade 25 in the Bulls 115-107 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

But a Bulls team that was leading the league in …

Nov 8

Sometimes these Bulls can be magical.

Like Monday in the United Center when after a casual start, the Bulls made the Orlando Magic disappear in a welter of fast breaks, free throws, aggression and sustained activity on both ends of the floor.

The result was a massive 112-80 victory in which the Bulls led by double digits for most of …

Nov 5

As Dwyane Wade goes so goes the Bulls?

It may well be as the Bulls Saturday played their first uncompetitive game of the season in what not so coincidently was Wade’s poorest game of the fledgling season.

Wade was one of nine for four points as the Bulls never led, trailing by double digits for more than three quarters, by …

Nov 5

Derrick Rose caught an inbounds pass near midcourt and burst in a blur 50 feet through the defense in three seconds for a reverse layup. Joakim Noah rolled down the middle and slam dunked a pass from Rose and then went dashing to help on defense, yelling to switch, “Let me get him.”

It was all so familiar Friday in …

Nov 3

It was early in the fourth quarter of a game that was slipping away, looking like a Boston massacre, the Celtics driving forth to start the fourth quarter for an 86-70 lead over the Bulls. Time out. This was no tea party. Bodies were flying around like saucers. Cut to a few words from Dwyane Wade.

“I think D. Wade …

Nov 1

No one’s calling it Tajy-woo ball, but that’s also what it is. Throwing ahead, running the court, passing and finishing strong. It’s the way Taj Gibson learned to play, loved to play, got himself drafted into the NBA. It just wasn’t the way his team was playing, more half court, more deliberate. So he learned, he adapted, he excelled as …

Nov 1

It’s not long before the game and Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler are talking, analyzing mismatches, rehearsing the proper mindset to approach the game. Rajon Rondo is explaining where guys need to be, Taj Gibson and Robin Lopez visualizing their movements and the defensive responses, the tai chi of the game. It’s all business, but it’s also a heck of …

Oct 31

We’ve seen this before, particularly in Chicago with Horace against Harvey. There’s Marcus and Markieff, the Harrisons trying to hang on, Jason and Jarron recently departed and Dick and Tom, the originals. But there probably have never been any like Brook and Robin, the Lopez twin mascot fighting, comic book reading, Star Wars admiring twins of the NBA.

They’ve played …

Oct 30

They said they were going to do this, push the ball, run, space the floor, shoot threes, defend aggressively, play with joy and passion.

Sure, sure, said the critics. Let’s see.

The Bulls are showing them–and all of us–a second brilliant effort Saturday, this time a dominating and perhaps ascendant 118-101 victory over the Indiana Pacers to give the Bulls …

Oct 28

The night began with a prayer, and in the religion of basketball basically ended with what’s called a prayer, a Dwyane Wade three pointer with 26.3 seconds left that proved a deliverance for the Bulls in Thursday’s opening night 105-99 victory over the Boston Celtics.

Perhaps it’s too soon to declare it salvation for the Bulls. But as saviors go, …

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