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Feb 27

Another game. Another six buckets of ice.

The mood was light in the Bulls locker room after the game, something of a mixture of satisfaction for the impressive 115-111 overtime win over the Portland Trail Blazers and relief that at least most were still walking.

Luol Deng, who had 23 points, including a team high seven in the overtime, laughed …

Feb 25

Make that magic number 11. Any combination of 11 Bulls wins or Bobcats losses, or 10 Bucks losses or nine Heat losses, or nine Raptors wins, or…

OK, OK, it’s too soon. But it’s coming. Trading deadline is past and now it’s all about the playoffs.

And the Bulls made another step toward that ultimate goal for this season with …

Feb 23

Free Joakim Noah!

Free Joakim Noah!

“I want to play,” the Bulls plantar fasciitis gripped center was saying quietly in the Bulls locker room after the team was blowing a 10-point third quarter lead and losing 101-95 to what passes for the Washington Wizards these days. “I want to play. What can say? I’m not going to go in the …

Feb 21

Who are those guys wearing the Bulls uniforms?

Forget LeBron and Wade. The Bulls have Hakim the Dream and Flip to my Lou.

This is starting to get scary.

But in blowing out the Philadelphia 76ers Saturday 122-90, the Bulls won their fourth straight game in the last five nights, reached three games over .500 at 29-26 for the first …

Feb 18

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Now, that’s what I call a trading deadline.

The NBA had a fans’ delight week with some three dozen players changing teams, including about a half dozen former All Stars. While it didn’t carry the potential balance of power changing effect of the summer of 2010 free agency, it does potentially impact …

Feb 18

The Bulls early Thursday afternoon were trying to beat the trade deadline with a trade of Tyrus Thomas to the Charlotte Bobcats for guards Flip Murray and Acie Law, both of whom have expiring contracts, league sources confirmed.

The deal had not yet been completed, the sources said, but indications are the teams were trying to get it done and …

Jan 6

And in the end, there was no one again to close the deal. It’s really the ultimate in sports, the guy who can step up and win the game for you.

But as the Bulls were losing Tuesday to the Charlotte Bobcats 113-108, there was Kirk Hinrich, first with an open look for a three to take a lead with …

Dec 28

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I saw this Bulls-Hawks game before, this 129-117 Atlanta win that made me feel like …

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