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Nov 6

These Bulls players are trying really hard, trying so hard they seem consumed with anger and defiance after losses, like Friday’s tough 110-105 overtime defeat against the Boston Celtics.

The Bulls once again scraped and clawed their way out of a big hole, trailing by 16 points in the third quarter to take an 82-81 lead with 5:44 left. They …

Nov 5

Madison Square Garden caved in the other day, but it turns out it was the Bulls having the roof fall in on them.

It was in the form of an astounding display of three point shooting Thursday by the New York Knicks, who were 16 of 24 on threes (they shot 42 percent on twos) and led from the middle …

Nov 1

When Portland shooting guard Brandon Roy and the 3-0 Trail Blazers take to the court, don’t expect one Bulls defender to shoulder the burden of slowing him down.

Rather, as Coach Tom Thibodeau explained, Roy will see several defenders as the Bulls play their second game at the United Center in three nights.

“It won’t be an individual matchup; it’s …

Oct 31

It was the home opener for the Bulls Saturday in the United Center, and it was the beginning of a season long celebration of the 20th anniversary of the franchise’s first NBA title.

So Derrick Rose played his part perfectly in the Bulls’ thrilling 101-91 comeback victory from 21 down and 15 behind in the fourth quarter.

For when …

Oct 23

A team looks good when it wins by 28 points, never trails and leads by double figures for the final 39 minutes, which the Bulls did Friday in closing the preseason at 4-4 with a 102-74 demolition of the Indiana Pacers.

“I know we’re going to be a good team,” said Derrick Rose, who had 14 points and six assists …

Oct 21

Playing point guard for the Bulls, Derrick Rose. Playing shooting guard for the Bulls, Derrick Rose. Playing center for the Bulls, Derrick Rose.

We know Rose can do pretty much everything on the basketball court, but how long can he continue to do so?

That seems to be one of the major questions for the Bulls coming into the 2010-11 …

Oct 17

The least someone could have done if the Bulls weren’t going to play much in Orlando Saturday was take a shot at Dwight Howard as payback for the cheap shots he got in with the hard take downs of Derrick Rose last season.

But with a 105-67 loss that wasn’t as close as the final score would suggest, the way …

Oct 16

The United Center Friday fans got an extra five minutes out of it for their preseason money, and they got a Derrick Rose three pointer with 1.6 seconds left in regulation to send the game into overtime.

But, in the end, the Bulls lost 109-105 to the Dallas Mavericks and showed some cracks that need to be patched up pretty …

Oct 13

The Bulls moved back to .500 for the preseason Tuesday with a dominating 109-90 victory over the Bosh-less Toronto Raptors. They hammered the Raptors on the boards 44-22 and outshot them from the free throw line 32-16.

So there were mostly positives, especially Derrick Rose with 23 points, seven assists and five rebounds, Joakim Noah with 16 points, 14 rebounds …

Oct 9

Derrick Rose, the 2008 No. 1 overall draft pick, outplayed the 2010 No. 1 overall draft pick John Wall in front of their college coach, John Calipari. Kirk Hinrich was unable to contain Luol Deng in a curious defensive matchup, Joakim Noah and rookie Omer Asik formed a nice pair of defensive skyscrapers working together, and the Bulls got their …

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