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Dec 3

The final result Tuesday, a 132-129 Dallas Mavericks double overtime win over the Bulls, wasn’t exactly the presentation the Bulls or the United Center fans preferred. But on a cold early winter’s evening in a season bound for perhaps somewhere, this game was a gift that wasn’t about to let anyone sleep.

It had aces, like Derrick Rose’s banked in …

Nov 30

Jimmy Butler’s story is well known, homeless at 13, junior college, Marquette taking a chance on a kid no one wanted, bottom of the first round, 30th, in 2011, then barely playing for almost two years. And then last summer, back to his beloved Texas with a training routine that may now become the rage of kids everywhere, or, at …

Nov 28

The Bulls got some wonderful individual performances Friday in a big time comeback victory over the Boston Celtics, 109-102 that gave them a 10-6 record and 3-3 on the long, circus road trip. It closes Sunday in Brooklyn.

Jimmy Butler led with 22 points, including six points in a late fourth quarter stretch when he was the only Bull to …

Nov 26

It’s still the first month of the NBA season, so no time to panic about Derrick Rose sitting out the second half of the 114-109 Bulls loss to the Denver Nuggets Tuesday; no great concern about the loss that dropped the Bulls to 9-6 and 2-3 on this long road trip.

Better to celebrate perhaps the birth of a star, …

Nov 25

Derrick Rose Monday wasn’t spectacular in his return from missing four games with a hamstring injury. There were no ooohs and aaahs plays, though perhaps a deep breath from fans as the Bulls avoided blowing a 21-point lead with a 97-95 victory over the Utah Jazz. Rose had 18 points and a team high five assists in just under 25 …

Nov 22

As John Winger famously said in the movie Stripes, “And then depression set in.”

Hey, you don’t get great literary references for a November game.

But like seeing his girlfriend walk out the door to close a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, the Bulls Friday in losing 105-87 to the Portland Trailblazers began to see this road trip …

Nov 21

Kirk Hinrich Friday joined the rest of the world in the quest of being day to day.

“Day to day, I joke,” Hinrich said before Friday’s game in Portland about his bruised ribs/chest contusion which put him out of the game. “I hope I’m better tomorrow. Today was tough.”

Hinrich played the role of human pinball in the loss to …

Nov 21

If it’s Thursday, it must be Sacramento.

Too bad, because this Bulls Western tourist group doesn’t find much precious in those hills near where the famous gold rush took place. Instead, the Bulls came up empty and frustrated again in yet another double digit loss in Sacramento, this time 103-88. But getting better: The last two were by 42 and …

Nov 18

Why can’t Jimmy Butler be the MVP of the league?

No, he didn’t say it, and, in fact, the Bulls leading scorer Monday went to great lengths after the Bulls impressive comeback 105-89 win over the Clippers to deny he’s even one of the team’s go to scorers.

“I don’t think I’m a scorer,” said Butler, who led six Bulls …

Nov 16

This time Butler couldn’t do it; at least not enough. Jimmy Butler, continuing his breakout season, scored a career high 32 points Saturday. But it wasn’t close to a solution for the Bulls as the decimated Indiana Pacers led almost the entire game on the way to a 99-90 victory.

Derrick Rose was out with a hamstring injury, but the …

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