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Dec 6

The Bulls are a potential championship team for the 2011-12 season.

But they’ll be fortunate to win 50 games.

And maybe not that many early in a brutal stretch of 30 games in 50 nights, the Frightening Fifty days.

It will include seven of the first nine on the road, 19 games in January and a nine games in 12 …

Jun 24

I’d grade the Bulls draft pretty well, though incomplete for now given we won’t know for a few years what they have in Nikola Mirotic, the 6-10 scoring forward from Montenegro whom the Bulls acquired for their Nos. 28 and 43 picks.

So they add for their roster just Marquette’s Jimmy Butler, a rugged big/guard small forward defender.

And the …

May 24

Sometimes the other guy is just better.

Which is not saying the Miami Heat is better than the Bulls and hardly that this Eastern Conference finals series is over with Miami having a 2-1 lead with Game 4 in Miami Tuesday.

But the Bulls have lost two straight after a brilliant opening game win, and while they were in Games …

May 23

They used to call it the Archangel offense for the Bulls at times like this. You know, save us Michael.

It’s probably unfair and not what this Bulls team truly has been about all season in winning 62 games. But with Sunday’s Miami 96-85 victory to take a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference finals, the Bulls probably are looking …

May 19

To paraphrase the old joke about the condemned man with a last wish, he was asked his preferred method of execution. He picked the Bulls since that made it less than a 40 percent chance they’d hit anything.

Derrick Rose: 37.8 percent

Luol Deng: 40 percent

Carlos Boozer: 40 percent

Joakim Noah: 34.8 percent

Keith Bogans: 33.3 percent     

Those are …

May 17

Welcome back to the Miami starting lineup, Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

No, it’s hardly official and no scoop that I know of. Plus, in a Pat Riley organization treason  clearly is associated with speaking frankly to the media. They know nothing!

But the Miami Heat coming into Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals Wednesday in the United Center trailing 1-0 probably …

May 16

They’re supposed to come up with nicknames for games like this, the Bulls stunningly impressive 103-82 Eastern Conference finals Game 1 rout Sunday of the Miami Heat.

Sunday Night Smackdown!

May 15 Massacre!

It’s Cryin’ Time Again for Miami!

“We took it on the chin tonight,” acknowledged Miami coach Erik Spoelstra.  “Virtually all the effort areas, obviously, the glass, second‑chance …

May 14

Perhaps never have the Bulls been as popular as they likely will be for the next two weeks in the Eastern Conference finals starting Sunday in the United Center.

Can you measure a whole basketball world rooting against one team?

Human emotion is both difficult to predict and often irrational. And if everyone is not fully sure why, they don’t …

May 13

Nobody said it among the Bulls Thursday after they defeated the Atlanta Hawks 93-73 to move onto the Eastern Conference finals starting Sunday night in the United Center against the Miami Heat.

Of course, had anyone said it coach Tom Thibodeau would have wrestled him to the ground before having the chance. And one look at Thibodeau and you know …

May 11

Derrick Rose was terrific, as usual, getting 33 points and nine assists in Tuesday’s Bulls 95-83 victory over the Atlanta Hawks that gave the Bulls a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference semifinal.

Luol Deng came back impressively from a cool weekend in Atlanta with 23 points. Carlos Boozer added 11 points and 12 rebounds and Keith Bogans made three …

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