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May 23

They used to call it the Archangel offense for the Bulls at times like this. You know, save us Michael.

It’s probably unfair and not what this Bulls team truly has been about all season in winning 62 games. But with Sunday’s Miami 96-85 victory to take a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference finals, the Bulls probably are looking …

May 14

Perhaps never have the Bulls been as popular as they likely will be for the next two weeks in the Eastern Conference finals starting Sunday in the United Center.

Can you measure a whole basketball world rooting against one team?

Human emotion is both difficult to predict and often irrational. And if everyone is not fully sure why, they don’t …

May 13

Nobody said it among the Bulls Thursday after they defeated the Atlanta Hawks 93-73 to move onto the Eastern Conference finals starting Sunday night in the United Center against the Miami Heat.

Of course, had anyone said it coach Tom Thibodeau would have wrestled him to the ground before having the chance. And one look at Thibodeau and you know …

May 7

It really was an historic night for the Bulls Friday in Atlanta in defeating the Hawks 99-82 with Derrick Rose scoring a career high 44 points.

Yes, the Bulls had a dominating defensive performance in outworking the soft Hawks 47-34 on the boards, 18-9 on the offensive boards and never trailing to take a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference …

May 2

See, Thibs was right.

All those extra minutes for Deng, not taking Rose out late, pushing big minutes on Kurt Thomas. Do you think Miami and Boston are thinking now how much that No. 1 seed was worth, about getting Atlanta instead of the series everyone wants to see but is going to wear you out. Even watching.

You always …

May 1

There always has been a Zen Master in the NBA. Red Auerbach was perhaps the first, which may be why he and Phil Jackson were so at odds, because they really were so alike.

Red was a teacher, as all the great coaches truly are, and one whose mantra of sacrifice and teamwork transcended the individual.

Phil Jackson most popularized …

Apr 28

Let’s take an early look at the Bulls and Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference semifinals starting Monday (7 p.m.) at the United Center.

The Bulls won the season series 2-1 and the teams didn’t play for the first time all season until March 2, unusual on the NBA schedule. The Hawks won the first game in Atlanta behind a …

Apr 25

Game 5 back at the United Center Tuesday against the Indiana Pacers should be easy for the Bulls. After all, all they have to do is shoot better, score more, make fewer turnovers and pass the ball more effectively.

So how exactly are they ahead three games to one? That is certainly what the Pacers have been wondering.

It hasn’t …

Apr 23

Signs of the 1990s Bulls?

No, no one is going there yet, at least we hope. Sure, the Bulls were coming into Saturday’s game against the Indiana Pacers with a 3-0 series lead. But it is the first round, and Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, who has some bulk as well, likely will wrestle anyone to the ground who suggests there …

Apr 22

It’s not often a coach breaks a major story on an off day between playoff games with his team ahead three games to none, as the Bulls are with Game 4 in Indianapolis Saturday.

But Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau stunned everyone before practice Friday with this revelation about Derrick Rose.

“He is human,” Thibodeau said to gasps from assembled reporters.…

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