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Jan 12

Joakim Noah’s play is an eloquent testimony to his game, and it was once again Saturday as Noah’s 13 fourth quarter points saved the Bulls from blowing a double digit lead and led the Bulls to their fifth consecutive win and eighth in the last 10 with a 103-97 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats.

“Big baskets, big rebounds, blocks. (Noah) …

Dec 29

So how bad was it for the Bulls Saturday at the United Center in a 105-83 loss to the Dallas Mavericks?

It was so bad Vince Carter deserved to have a nickname again and Shawn Marion deserved credit.

The two oldest Mavs with a combined 29 years in the NBA and working on near career low seasons and their Social …

Dec 22

What’s the word for that again? You know. When guys are happy, six of them scoring in double figures, when you have a season-high shooting percentage, a whopping edge in rebounding and a high number of assists? You know what I mean, when you score more points than the other team? Oh, c’mon, what’s that again?

Oh, right. Thanks. A …

Dec 12

There was perhaps one offensive possession for the Bulls Wednesday in their 83-78 loss to the New York Knicks that encapsulated the frustration and ineffectiveness that has been this discouraging season.

The Bulls with a little help from their equally underperforming colleagues in short pants from New York had tied the game at 74 with 3:38 left after trailing by …

Dec 11

Has it come to the point already where the Bulls are playing spoiler?

It looked a bit that way Tuesday as the Bulls lost at home 78-74 to the Milwaukee Bucks, who seemed well on their way to a top lottery draft pick with the poorest record in the Eastern Conference.

But it’s not the first time the Bulls may …

Dec 8

How ‘bout that Taj Gibson!

The Bulls forward starting for injured Luol Deng—yes, another one bites the dust—added to the best-in-his-career season Saturday with 21 points and 10 rebounds against the Detroit Pistons. Gibson is averaging 21.4 points and 8.4 rebounds on 61 percent shooting the last five games.

The rest of the starting five?

“We sucked tonight,” explained Joakim …

Nov 20

If you think Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a bad week…

Well, the Bulls’ next week is looking like it may have some cracks in it as well.

The starting lineup changes with the news that shooting guard Jimmy Butler is out “week-to-week” with a turf toe injury. Butler did not accompany the team for the Western Conference road …

Nov 9

So long sad times, we are rid of you at last. You are now a thing of the past. Happy days are here again.

Let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy days are here again.

Those are some of the classic lyrics from one of the great songs, Happy Days Are Here Again, an attempt at uplifting a stunned …

Nov 3

It may not be time to panic after Saturday’s 107-104 Bulls’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.

But is it a quarter to time?

“I don’t think he’s playing poorly,” Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said about Derrick Rose, who had the basketball game equivalent of a bad cheese steak, or just a cheese steak, with 13 points on four of 14 …

Nov 1

The Bulls now pretty much know their No. 1 guy is healthy and ready to go, Derrick Rose making his points most dramatically Friday with a fantastic running shot to beat the Knicks with 5.7 seconds remaining.

But as the Bulls Saturday are in Philadelphia to play one of the remaining two undefeated teams in the Eastern Conference, the concern …

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