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Apr 6

When last we left our Bulls, after a second consecutive loss for the first time in more than a year, they were dangling from a metaphorical rope that apparently represented their suddenly shaky bond of excellence. Would Derrick return and lift them? Could Lu keep it up and pull his teammates back from the brink? Was Rip torn? We had …

Apr 3

Derrick Rose could possibly play Thursday against the Boston Celtics, though I personally doubt he will. And there’s apparently no misunderstanding between the Bulls and coach Tom Thibodeau regarding the discussions on Thibodeau’s future with the team.

Those were some of the issues that Bulls General Manager Gar Forman addressed before a private team fundraising auction and dinner at the …

Mar 1

The conventional wisdom — and if it’s accepted it’s not particularly knowledgeable — is that Derrick Rose isn’t going to repeat as MVP. It generally seems to have been decided the Bulls played well without him and he missed too many games.

But in scoring 29 points Wednesday to carry the Bulls to a 96-89 road victory over the San …

Feb 17

It’s the kind of sports story you just love. Guy from the D-League everyone’s overlooked just won’t give up. And because he wouldn’t, the Bulls Thursday were able to avenge a loss in Boston Sunday and defeat the Celtics 89-80.

“I love this,” said Luol Deng with another versatile all around effort with 23 points and 10 assists, including six …

Feb 15

I know the Bulls love to talk about having enough to win no matter who is out. It’s coach Tom Thibodeau’s mantra, and it’s been one of the best things he’s done. So there are no excuses, no feeling sorry for yourself, showing that all things are possible no matter what anyone says. It may be the biggest reason the …

Feb 13

Whew, that’s a relief.

Bulls general manager Gar Forman Monday said the Bulls got good news — or at least as good as could be hoped for now — regarding Derrick Rose’s back problems.

Specialists Rose consulted Monday told the Bulls Rose doesn’t have any structural issues with his back, that it is spasms and they could disappear as quickly …

Feb 12

The great philosopher Thibs often says, as he did Sunday after the Bulls were vanquished by the Boston Celtics 95-91, that every game presents the good and the bad.

Or as Descartes once explained it, perhaps at a clinic to Thibs: “I think therefore I am.”

So let’s think about just where the Bulls are after 30 games: A conference …

Jan 14

It’s a new day, NBA. The Boston Celtics are dead. Long rule the new kids, the Bulls.

There’s no official passing of the torch in the NBA. But the Bulls with an impressive 88-79 victory over the Celtics in Boston Friday moved to the best record in the NBA at 11-2 with arguably the most difficult schedule leading the league …

Jan 12

Heck, I didn’t even know All-Star voting had started with the season just a few weeks old. And now it’s about over for the fans.

That’s because with the release of the first returns Thursday, the starting lineups appear set with Derrick Rose to start again at guard.

I’m not suggesting, mind you, that your vote doesn’t count and you …

Apr 8

You have to be politically correct in sports, too, so no one was about to bury the Boston Celtics. Other than Thursday on the scoreboard as the Bulls pretty much wrapped up the No. 1 playoff seed in the Eastern Conference with a convincing 97-81 win over the defending Eastern Conference champions.

So everyone knows how it goes as you …

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