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Dec 3

And down goes Sam! Down goes Sam!

Yes, and it’s now three and counting as Toronto coach Sam Mitchell was fired Wednesday, already the third NBA coach to be slam dunked just over a month into the season.

I don’t even do my first leaguewide power ratings until 20 games in because I always felt you need 20 games …

Nov 15

Saturday will be a tough night for me because I admit it: I root for Larry Bird.


It’s an important game for the Bulls because it’s a chance to get to 5-5 before leaving for two weeks and eight of the next nine games on the road through Dec. 5. There’s one home game, against the 76ers Dec. 2.

Nov 3

I was talking to a general manager this weekend and we were trying to guess the first big trade of the season.

We knew Allen Iverson would be traded, but we didn’t know when.

Now we know, and the NBA was buzzing Monday over the bold stroke by the Detroit Pistons to deal Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess and Cheik Samb …

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