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May 5

The Bulls Monday didn’t slay the giant, though their 99-92 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinal was complete, efficient and impressive.

Derrick Rose had 25 points, five rebounds and five assists, Pau Gasol added 21 points and 10 rebounds, 13 points in the third quarter when the Cavaliers rallied back from a 16-point …

May 1

The Bulls Thursday may have been the ones more stunned–if also wondering where that has been–than the Milwaukee Bucks with the Bulls incredible 120-66 victory to close out the first round playoff series 4-2.

The Bulls now open the conference semifinals in Cleveland 6 p.m. Monday.

The Bulls assured that with one of the most commanding and dominant playoff victories …

Apr 29

“Jimmy, Jimmy, he’s our man; If he can’t do it… Jimmy Can?”

Stop right there, Bulls scoring leader Jimmy Butler was saying following Bulls practice Wednesday. It’s not exactly the classic team mantra, but Butler says he’s had enough. It’s on him. And if he does what he’s supposed to do, the Bucks stop right there Thursday in Milwaukee.

“You …

Apr 26

Almost a half hour after the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday stunned the Bulls and Derrick Rose with a backdoor cut layup at the final buzzer for a 92-90 victory, the last victim, Rose, still had difficulty believing it had occurred.

“Devastating,” Rose said shaking his head after dressing slowly. ”But we get to play again…”

Rose paused, the play seemingly spinning …

Apr 24

Mike Dunleavy probably put it best about the Bulls 113-106 double overtime victory Thursday over the Milwaukee Bucks that gave the Bulls a theoretically insurmountable 3-0 lead in their first round playoff series.

Dunleavy said it was a game the Bulls were fortunate to win—since they trailed by 18 points in the second quarter—while it was a game the Bulls …

Apr 21

So, how do you like me now?

Well, that’s not exactly how Derrick Rose phrased it after Bulls practice Tuesday following the Bulls going ahead 2-0 in the first round playoff series with the Milwaukee Bucks.

“It’s all about the team,” Rose told reporters of his favored philosophy. “I could care less about myself and how I’m performing. As long …

Apr 21

Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler were stepping down from the post game stage, Butler slick in plaid suit and matching shirt and Noah, well, a bit more casual, though no less secure. They had just concluded with reporters Monday following the Bulls rugged 91-82 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks to give the Bulls a 2-0 lead in this opening round …

Apr 19

How’s that go, Saturday in the United Center being one small step for a team and one giant leap for a kind young man. Yes, the Bulls with their 103-91 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks in their opening playoff game are shooting for the moon.

“Felt good (be out there again), felt normal,” said Derrick Rose, who scored 23 points …

Apr 16

It’s the I-94 series, the colder by the lake series. But it should be heating up 6 p.m. Saturday when the Bulls open their 2015 NBA playoff in the United Center against the Milwaukee Bucks.

That’s because the Bulls gained the third seed in the Eastern Conference with a 91-85 victory and comeback from 18 points behind Wednesday against the …

Apr 16

The Bulls open the playoffs 6 p.m. Saturday in the United Center against the Milwaukee Bucks, who finished the season 41-41, which was nine games behind the Bulls, who were 50-32. This is the fourth time the teams are meeting in the playoffs, the first time since 1990. The Bucks have won two of three. This season the Bulls held …

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