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Mar 4

Jimmy Butler, who set a career high with 20 points, had just hit a three pointer to bring the Bulls within 95-92 with 19.9 seconds left in the game after George Hill, who had a good game, had gagged up a pair of free throws to give the Bulls a chance in this unusual game against the Indiana Pacers Sunday …

Feb 5

Forget the Miami Heat. Well, not completely. But the Bulls and Indiana Pacers could be a heck of a playoff series this spring the way this physical rivalry is developing between the two top defensive teams in the league.

Though it wasn’t quite that formula Monday in the snow day makeup game from December 26th as the Bulls still without …

Feb 3

Really, c’mon now. This is getting ridiculous. And I better not hear anyone in the NBA complain about the second of a back-to-back on the road ever again.

In fact, the Bulls’ relentless 93-76 victory over the Atlanta Hawks Saturday could be one of those seminal moments in NBA history, like the first morning shootaround.

Playing the second game of …

Jan 31

Now that was fun, assuming you were Nate Robinson or Jimmy Butler or Luol Deng and the Bulls Wednesday in a mostly runaway 104-88 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

There was the Bulls’ single engine prop aircraft, Nate Robinson, taking off for his first dunk of the season.

“My teammates have been (teasing) me all season, talking about how I’m …

Jan 3

Derrick Rose will be there in Miami Friday when the Bulls get their first crack this season at the defending champion Miami Heat. But it’s not quite the same, obviously, with Rose sidelined likely another few months recovering from his knee injury and surgery.

These were the kind of games you circled the calendar for the last few years, the …

Nov 27

Defeat isn’t a tragedy, though no one among the Bulls’ players was feeling particularly sanguine Monday about a 27-point third quarter lead at home that turned into an inexplicable 93-92 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

“I’m stunned by simple fact that we have a 25 point lead (even he didn’t know it was worse) and the way we defend we …

Nov 18

You know how sometimes you get down to the park and you’re ready to go. But you take a look at the other team, and even though you’re still ready to go, you see their size and speed and depth and you get to thinking, “Uh, oh, what have we gotten ourselves into.”

It seemed like that Saturday the way …

Oct 26

Who says the Bulls couldn’t finish third in the Eastern Conference without Derrick Rose? Well, they just did. Oh, right. Preseason. But the Bulls finished a good one for them with a 97-90 victory over the Central Division favored Indiana Pacers at the University of Notre Dame Friday night.

“It was great to play a really good team,” said Carlos …

Oct 24

Hello, this is Gar Forman. Is Derek Fisher there? No. Well, how about Mike James? OK, what about Chris Quinn? Zabian Dowdell?

I don’t think the Bulls are quite there yet. But in defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder 94-89 Tuesday in the United Center, the Bulls endured the worst of all tweaks.

This being the one to Kirk Hinrich, the …

Oct 10

First place, baby!

OK, perhaps it’s a bit too soon to celebrate being undefeated after the Bulls sweat-it-out 92-88 win Tuesday at the United Center over the Memphis Grizzlies in the preseason opener.

“Choppy,” Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau offered about a stuttering start and then a big third quarter before a group of regular irregulars shot one for 21 in …

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