Pippen on the NCAA final, Tiger at the Masters


Apr 5

Following the official announcement on Monday afternoon that Scottie Pippen will become a member of basketball’s Hall of Fame this fall, the Bulls legend will join more than 70,000 fans at Lucas Oil Stadium for the NCAA championship game as this year’s installment of March Madness comes to an end.

The game pits the top-seeded Duke Blue Devils against the hometown fifth-seeded Butler Bulldogs. Some are calling it a David versus Goliath type match up, but Pippen isn’t ready to count Butler out just yet.

“They play very well as a team and they’re very good defensively,” Pippen said of Butler. “Offensively, they move the basketball very efficiently and they know how to make teams work on defense. They constantly move the ball from side to side.”

Pippen will attend the final in a suite with Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, and others named to the Hall of Fame. The Class of 2010 will be honored during the game.

“All that being said, I am a big Coach K fan,” said Pippen. “We have a good relationship from working together during the Olympics. It would be fun to see Butler win, but if Duke wins, I certainly won’t be disappointed. I’m just happy to be living in this great era that he’s had as a college coach, closing in on John Wooden and the game’s best coaches of all time. I definitely have a lot of respect for him as a coach.”

Following his stay in Indianapolis, Pippen plans to make his way to Augusta, Georgia for the Masters. The big story, of course, is Tiger Woods’ return to golf.

“I’m picking Tiger to win,” said Pippen. “Not only will he win, I could see him doing it by many strokes. Who out there thinks that he won’t win? The pressure is on the other players—they are scared of Tiger. Let’s not kid ourselves; Tiger’s golf game hasn’t changed. He’s still the best and most intimidating golfer in the world.”

The sports world will certainly be watching to see if Pippen is right.

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