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Jul 30

It may be time for the t-shirts. Or perhaps copyright. Maybe Pat Riley will beat everyone to it as he did with threepeat.

Get ready for the Three Alphas.

“The excitement shows around the city,” Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler was saying late Friday night about the new look Bulls after the USA Basketball team romped over Venezuela 80-45 in a …

Jul 29

Dwyane Wade is no Michael Jordan. In fact, when Wade Friday met reporters for the first time since signing to play for the Bulls, the Chicago native who grew up in southwest suburban Oak Lawn reiterated he, like all the kids, wanted to be like Mike. And the Bulls.

“This is one of those moments for me that is a …

Jul 28

Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo? It’s become one of the big surprise questions of the NBA and perhaps one of the principal curiosities of the coming season.

Can that work? Will that work? Is it a three-car pileup or just the beginning of a smooth, comfortable trip?

Jimmy Butler isn’t concerned; he knows it will succeed and he …

Jul 27

As if Venezuela doesn’t have enough problems with food shortages and riots roiling the country in a desperate humanitarian crisis. Now the national basketball team must face a hungry USA Basketball juggernaut in the United Center 8 p.m. Friday.

The USA team’s pre-Olympic exhibition tour officially is known as its Basketball Showcase.

But it’s been a case of the missing …

Jul 19

Some will say that it’s just NBA summer league, the Bulls fabulously fun 84-82 overtime win Monday against the Minnesota Timberwolves to finish with a perfect 7-0 record and win the summer league title.

But winning does matter; more so, perhaps, now than ever in professional basketball with high schoolers switching schools at a whim no matter the outcomes, shoe …

Jul 18

It’s been a steady, if unlikely, climb for Jimmy Butler, one scratch-your-head, is-that-really-Jimmy-Butler moment to the next from a college basketball scholarship to first round pick, if barely, to NBA All-Star, maximum contract and now an Olympian.

NBA champion?

Butler wasn’t quite ready to declare that as USA Basketball Monday opened its training camp for the 2016 Olympics in Rio …

Jul 18

You don’t want to be a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves summer league team. Figure they’re looking at a five-hour practice before Monday night’s championship game finale.

That game is against the Bulls, the former team of Timberwolves coach and president Tom Thibodeau. Thibodeau, of course, is not coaching the summer ‘wolves.

But what delicious drama and bonus entertainment for …

Jul 16

Nate Thurmond was the missing piece, the final brick for the Bulls first NBA championship tower. Everyone was sure of it, and certainly Bulls owner Arthur Wirtz, who agreed to include the then stunning amount of $500,000 to the Golden State Warriors along with center Cliff Ray and a No. 1 draft pick in trade for Thurmond.

The Bulls had …

Jul 13

It was a season of refection for Bobby Portis, the Bulls top draft pick a year ago who spent more time watching than playing, and more than a little time, he admits, worrying, wondering and shedding a tear or two.

Basketball was the life, but it wasn’t turning out to be the life Portis expected. So he committed to work, …

Jul 13

We all knew this was coming with Tim Duncan, whose retirement was announced Monday by the Spurs in a press release. Well, no one was sure if it would be this summer or next, but it was close with Duncan in his 19th season and his playing time declining. But everyone was sure it would come, like this, in some …

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