Wall believes Calipari will stay at Kentucky


May 21

Former Kentucky star and likely No. 1 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft John Wall does not believe his college coach, John Calipari, will leave for another job.

Despite his denials, rumors have surfaced that Calipari may have an interest in the Bulls’ head coaching vacancy. But Wall doesn’t see it happening.

“Coach Cal is a guy that a lot of people want,” said Wall. “It is what it is. His dream was to coach at the University of Kentucky and he got that opportunity. I feel strongly that he is going to stay there.”

Wall spoke very highly of Calipari, who he spent one season with in Lexington.

“He’s like a father figure,” said Wall. “He is just like a father and he takes care of us like we’re his sons. He’s going to push you to make sure he gets the best out of you and make you the best player. He prepares you for the next level and he does a great job of it.”

In terms of that next level, Wall met with members of the Wizards staff on Thursday night. Among the topics of discussion included his character and the kind of leadership he would bring to the organization.  Wall said Washington has given him no assurances that he will be their selection on June 24.

“That’s what I’m waiting for,” said Wall. “It’s up in the air.”

The likely top pick in the draft confirmed he also has or will meet with the other top 5-6 teams in the draft while in Chicago.

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