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Apr 10

With the NBA season very much in its stretch run, the Bulls will play four out of their remaining five games in the next five days beginning Thursday night.

That’s when the streaking New York Knicks, winners of 13 straight games, will be at the United Center as seeds for the Eastern Conference playoffs begin to take form.

Whether or …

Apr 4

Taj Gibson took a walk in Derrick Rose’s shoes the other day, and it didn’t feel too comfortable.

“You have people saying you shouldn’t have come back so soon, be careful. You’ve got so many different aspects of people in your ear giving you so many different opinions of what they think you should do,” Gibson said Thursday morning as …

Mar 29

With an 82-game schedule that usually doesn’t provide more than a day or two in between contests, the NBA season rarely allows teams to enjoy any one particular victory for too long.

So it’s easy to understand why neither Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau or his team are spending much time basking in the glow of Wednesday night’s victory over the …

Mar 21

Derrick Rose said Thursday he’s close to playing but not quite there yet.

Is that what they call deja vu all over again?

Hey, didn’t Rose say that in Los Angeles a few weeks back, and in Boston maybe a few weeks before that?

“It can be tomorrow where I feel I can play next game,” Rose told reporters Thursday …

Mar 12

I was talking to Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf Tuesday and reading him the comments to reporters from Derrick Rose earlier in the day. Rose talked about being cautious about a return to play, acknowledging the severity of the surgery he had and saying you don’t rush back from that, this considering his advisors told him to be patient and pretty …

Feb 13

Derrick Rose said he’s certain he’s returning to the Bulls and will be as good as ever, that he’ll be an attacking, athletic player again, though it might not be this season since Rose admitted he’s still not able to dunk a basketball like he needs to in a game.

Rose talked to Chicago reporters in the Bulls locker room …

Feb 13

Just about everyone in America, it seems, has a torn ACL. Well, a lot of guards in the NBA. Derrick Rose, obviously, for the Bulls, and now Rajon Rondo and Leandro Barbosa for the Celtics.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers before Wednesday’s game was talking about the NBA guards’ greatest fear these days—Iman Shumpert, Ricky Rubio and Eric Maynor also in …

Jan 1

It was coming to the end of the long road trip in late November. The Bulls were the team to beat in Michael Jordan’s first full season after his 1993 retirement.

The Bulls had opened the trip with an overtime win in Dallas, and then they took care of the Spurs, a 62-win team that season working on 59 wins. …

Dec 2

It turns out Richard Hamilton tore his plantar fascia in his left foot late in the third quarter of the Bulls Saturday night win over the 76ers, according to Bulls sources.

But that’s sort of the good news.

Plantar fasciitis, the painful inflammation on the bottom of the foot, can last months. At times, treatment will include a tear so …

Oct 26

I must admit I have trouble asking men about certain parts of their anatomy. Well, women, too.

But as the fearsome and fearless if not feckless journalist and prober, all questions must be considered.

So here we go again about Kirk Hinrich’s groin tweak.

I still flinch writing it.

In any case, as expected Hinrich sat out Friday’s final preseason …

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