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Feb 18

It wasn’t the block for Joakim Noah against Zach Randolph early in Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game won by the Western Conference All-Stars 143-138, or dunking that pass from LeBron James on the pick and roll, or the crossover drive for a basket, the defensive stand against eventual game MVP Chris Paul or the exasperation with the officials for not getting …

Feb 16

They’d been talking about it for a few weeks, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah, though more Noah, as they bounced around the United States, from Brooklyn to Atlanta to Denver, Utah and Boston.

They were headed to the All-Star game together, the Bulls teammates who’d gone through so much together the last six years and who seemed like such unlikely …

Feb 15

One time can be a fluke, not that it was for Luol Deng when the Eastern Conference coaches sent Deng to his first NBA All-Star Game last year. But not twice; twice selected you are a star.

So when Deng takes the court Sunday in Houston for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game, he will be one of the senior guys …

Feb 14

The Providence Steamrollers Wednesday defeated the Chicago Stags 71-69 in a game…

Huh? That was an NBA game in Boston Wednesday with a 24-second shot clock? Without a jump ball following free throws? Not with a six-foot lane? It was the Boston Celtics scoring 19 combined points from the end of the first quarter to the start of the fourth. …

Jan 24

Joakim Noah, collegiate champion, iconoclast, innovative wardrobe manager with a career 8.9 scoring average his first two seasons, once suspended by his teammates, anthropology who clearly has evolved and is fond of talking about “swag,” is now an NBA All-Star.

Noah landed his first All-Star appearance and was joined by Luol Deng, making his second All-Star appearance.

Yes, the Bulls …

Jan 17

The Bulls should be represented at the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 17 in Houston.

The question is by whom.

My guess is it will be Joakim Noah, but it won’t be determined until next week when the Eastern Conference coaches select the All-Star reserves.

The NBA Thursday on TNT announced the starters for the 62nd annual event.

The Eastern …

Dec 27

Will Joakim Noah be an All-Star this season?

It’s looking like it will be a close call with the NBA Thursday releasing the second voting returns.

Noah remains seventh among Eastern Conference frontcourt players. The fan voting is for three front court players as the center position was eliminated this season and two backcourt players.

The second results were similar …

Dec 13

It was a good thing Joakim Noah didn’t add Houston to that list of questionable vacation cities, like Cleveland and Philadelphia, when the Bulls were there last month.

Because based on the first All-Star game returns released by the NBA Thursday, my guess is Noah has a good chance of being added to the team that will play in Houston …

Feb 27

Kobe Bryant broke Michael Jordan’s All-Star Game career scoring record in Sunday’s 152-149 Western Conference All-Star victory. Blake Griffin threw in a bunch of dunks, eight in his nine field goals. Dwight Howard had a quiet game with nine points and 10 rebounds in what could be his final All-Star Game in a Magic uniform.

There was a record for …

Feb 25

The magic slipper Sunday will be orange, Florida orange as it were, the color of the Adidas sneakers Derrick Rose will wear to start for the Eastern Conference in the NBA All-Star Game.

One of the most enduring tales in literature is the story of the unfortunate but pious and dutiful child who remains humble and virtuous amidst the greed …

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