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Dec 15

I’m occasionally asked about a favorite player and it’s not an easy question because there really are mostly good guys in the NBA. But one of the joys of traveling around with the Bulls is the camaraderie around the league, and renewing acquaintances with players around the NBA. And I can see one of my all time favorites in Atlanta, …

Mar 3

We don’t expect Joakim Noah to say it like Derrick Rose did a few years back, though there was nothing wrong with that. But why can’t Joakim Noah be the NBA’s Most Valuable Player?

Which is what we all thought when Rose said so before the 2010-11 NBA season.

C’mon, are you serious?

But as the Bulls were preparing to …

Dec 13

The Bulls finally are again starting to take shape for the 2013-14 season as Jimmy Butler Friday against the Bucks returned to the starting lineup after missing 11 games with a turf toe injury. Luol Deng remained out, but Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said his return is close.

“We won’t know (how effective Butler can be) until he gets out …

Feb 16

They’d been talking about it for a few weeks, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah, though more Noah, as they bounced around the United States, from Brooklyn to Atlanta to Denver, Utah and Boston.

They were headed to the All-Star game together, the Bulls teammates who’d gone through so much together the last six years and who seemed like such unlikely …

Dec 19

You don’t figure much that happens in the first three to five minutes of an NBA game is going to matter all that much or be worth repeating. It’s supposedly that last five minutes that matters.

And in defeating the Boston Celtics Tuesday 100-89, the Bulls weren’t even leading in the first five minutes.

They basically blew open the game …

Dec 8

Now, no one is likely to argue with Joakim Noah if he still insists “Cleveland sucks.”

Of course, that was one of the highlights of last season’s first round playoff series, and now with LeBron James gone, the Cavs, well, are not very good.

The Bulls face them Wednesday with the Cavs back from Philadelphia with another blowout loss, now …

Dec 5

So who said he can’t make the big one?

Derrick Rose continued to add pages to his scrapbook of thrills Saturday with a straight away 25-footer as the regulation buzzer was sounding to save the Bulls from a third consecutive defeat. The Bulls, led by Rose’s 30 points and Carlos Boozer’s 25, went on to survive the Houston Rockets, 119-116 …

Dec 4

In each of their last five games, the Chicago Bulls have found themselves trailing after the first quarter. Twice, it’s been a double digit deficit that they’ve faced.

While in two of those games, the Bulls came back and won, the slow starts were too much to overcome against premier Eastern Conference opponents such as the Celtics and Magic.

On …

Nov 17

It’s now official. Derrick Rose is unguardable.

We kind of thought so before. But when Rose also makes the three-pointer, as he did three times in the fourth quarter Tuesday when he scored 17 of his 33 points in the Bulls’ 95-92 win over the Houston Rockets, it’s time to git along little doggies.

How ’bout them Bullies, now 6-3 …

Nov 16

Day 1 of the Bulls longest trip of the season. So it’s a morning shootaround at the arena, some lunch back at the hotel and then back to the arena for the 7:30 game.

There are two buses to the arena with some of the players coming to shoot early. Luol Deng and Brian Scalabrine were on the floor about …

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