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Apr 26

It was an appropriate setting Monday in the Berto Center for what could have been the Bulls last full practice of the 2009-10 NBA season and perhaps Vinny Del Negro’s last as Bulls coach.

Yes, coach Vinny Del Negro had his back to the wall.

“Everyone is frustrated because we know we can play better,” said Del Negro of the …

Apr 23

The NBA’s winningest team, the championship favorite with the certain MVP and one of the league’s defensive rocks has needed LeBron James to hit an extraordinary and unexpected number of fourth quarter jump shots in Game 2 for the Cavs not to be trailing the Bulls in this first round playoff series.

Could this be Boston 2009 redux? Is the …

Apr 22

The Cleveland Cavaliers after losing 108-106 to the Bulls Thursday in the opening round playoff series have decided to stay in Chicago and wait for Game 4, now a 2-1 lead in the series.

That’s right, the Cavs don’t want to go Cleveland, either.

But the Bulls have guaranteed at least a return trip for Game 5 with the victory.…

Apr 20

The Cleveland Cavaliers Monday needed probably the world’s best basketball player having one of his best ever playoff games to beat the eighth-seeded Bulls at home, the 112-102 victory sending the Cavs up 2-0 in this playoff opening series.

So if you are the Bulls you don’t feel great about losing, but you know now you can play with this …

Apr 18

The first game of a playoff series is something of a feeling out process, getting a sense of what your opponent will do and where you are.

The Bulls, in losing Saturday 96-83 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, not only are trailing 1-0 in the series. But it should be obvious—and to no one’s surprise since the Cavs had the best …

Apr 17

The Bulls made the playoffs. Great. Now what do they do? Or more precisely, how do they beat LeBron James, surely the league’s MVP, and the Cavs, the NBA’s winningest team?

I’m glad I asked because I know how to do it. Unfortunately, I am not coaching the Bulls, so I cannot be responsible if the Cavs win, as everyone …

Apr 16

Oak is bullish on the Bulls.

Charles Oakley, the former Bulls first round draft pick and longtime NBA enforcer, says he can not only see the Bulls making it a series with his home state Cavs when the playoffs open in Cleveland Saturday, but Oakley says if LeBron James is leaving Cleveland and serious about winning, his best destination might …

Apr 14

This wasn’t Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich Tuesday who combined for 69 points, including 27 of the team’s 34 in the fourth quarter, to beat the Boston Celtics 101-93 before a raucous, playoff like crowd at the United Center.

No, it was more like Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe. Like Gail Goodrich and Jerry West. Like Isiah Thomas and Joe …

Apr 12

Well, you knew in watching this Bulls season it wasn’t going to be easy or simple, and the playoffs now come down to this with the Pistons laying down Monday and losing badly to the Toronto Raptors 111-97:

The Bulls probably need to sweep their last two, Tuesday at home over Boston and Wednesday in Charlotte.

That’s because the Raptors …

Apr 10

Well, at least there didn’t seem to be much of a depression hangover for the Bulls from Friday’s numbing double overtime loss to the Washington Generals, err, New Jersey Nets.

The Bulls gathered Saturday afternoon on the upstairs practice floor in the Air Canada Centre for a light workout while on the main floor the Harlem Globetrotters were performing.


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