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Mar 20

Sure, there’s the numbers for Derrick Rose in Saturday’s Bulls 98-84 win—yes, finally after 10 consecutive losses—with a game high 23 points and a career best four three pointers in six attempts.

But the impact of the return of Rose, and to a lesser extent Joakim Noah in just nine minutes, lies well beyond the simple numbers.

Sorry, sabermetricians. Stay

Mar 20

Veni, vidi, vici.

Yup, same old LeBron James.

He came to Chicago, he saw a city he liked, as he would concede afterward to reporters, and he conquered a Bulls team once again without Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng, though this time by a more pedestrian 92-85.

Hail, LeBron, which a sellout crowd of Bulls fans mostly did …

Mar 18

So I’m hearing now despite the Bulls losing again, 113-106 to the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday, that there were a lot of positive signs.

Like Acie Law with 22 points on just eight field goal attempts as he got to the line with seven free throws. Like James Johnson back in the starting lineup and running the wing aggressively for 11 …

Mar 17

Eight is enough. But the losses look like they will keep coming for the Bulls.

The losing streak reached eight Tuesday in Memphis in a curious 104-97 defeat to the Grizzlies without the Bulls’ four top scorers. Yet, the Bulls came back from 25 down to get within four with 3:39 left and twice had chances to cut the lead …

Mar 15

If the Bulls want to have a chance to make the playoffs, it looks like they’ll have to lose the next three games.

Stay with me here as that seems to make sense.

No one is suggesting the Bulls are going to lose on purpose. But if there’s a week to rest up for a last stand this would be …

Mar 13

Forget fighting their adversity. Better, the Bulls fought back this time. Now, they just need to turn that into a victory. A baby step, if you will.

The Bulls lost their seventh consecutive game Friday, 108-95 to the Miami Heat with starters Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah all out injured.

But they delivered their own blows this time …

Mar 10

Luol Deng’s latest injury doesn’t seem serious, though the Bulls season could use some good news as well.

Deng underwent an MRI Wednesday morning for a calf injury. Deng was diagnosed with a strain and the initial diagnosis was he should miss a few gams. So, Deng could miss at least Thursday’s game in Orlando and probably Friday’s in Miami, …

Mar 10

There’s a famous story from the 1998 playoffs I was reminded of watching the Bulls submit and lose to the Utah Jazz Tuesday, 132-108, the team’s fifth consecutive loss in falling to ninth place and, at least for now, out of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

The Lakers were trailing 3-0 in the Western Conference finals and just finished …

Mar 7

Sometimes your best isn’t good enough. Sometimes your best won’t do. And so it was Saturday as the Bulls lost 122-116 to the Dallas Mavericks to fall back to .500.

The Bulls shot 52 percent and pushed the ball, which they need to do to score. They had the game’s high scorer. They outrebounded the Mavs, who, by the way, …

Mar 5

OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy for Derrick Rose.

He tried. He thought being professional was the right way. He thought he’d be rewarded for showing respect, for revering the game, for appreciating authority, for simply not acting out like a brat.

So Rose attacked the defense and the basket over and over Thursday in the Bulls 105-96 come-from-ahead loss …

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