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Feb 19

The Bulls remained resolute as the NBA trading deadline passed 2 p.m. Thursday. And with good reason. The Bulls don’t really have any major holes to fill and have not even effectively used all the players they could, like Tony Snell and Doug McDermott. So there wasn’t much need for change.

Actually, few of the teams in the league with …

Dec 28

You can be walking down the street pretty much any day in Chicago, and if a man comes up to you and asks you what time it is on your watch, well, there’s an easy answer.

“There’s no lying anymore,” Joakim Noah was saying late Saturday night after the Bulls sure handed 107-100 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans and …

Mar 1

Get ready for eight minutes of Jimmer-mania?

Perhaps as Jimmer Fredette late Saturday afternoon cleared waivers after a buyout from the Sacramento Kings. Fredette, according to sources, tentatively agreed to sign with the Bulls. It’s still unofficial. If it finally occurs, it would be a prorated minimum for the remainder of the season for the former college player of the …

Jan 1

The Bulls Tuesday, appropriately enough, closed out a year that wasn’t the least bit Rosy.

They did so in a lamentable 85-79 loss to the Toronto Raptors in which they once again failed in the end because they had so much difficulty making shots and offensive plays, finishing strong at the basket and producing any open court, easy baskets. Basically …

Dec 29

The defense for the Bulls, we knew, was good. So how do you get better? Improved offense, obviously, for a team ranked 20th in scoring and 13th in shooting last season.

And while it’s not much of a sample with the Bulls 1-1 heading into Thursday’s game in Sacramento, the Bulls have gotten worse. They were 22nd in scoring and …

Dec 21

The Bulls concluded the 2011-12 two-game preseason technically tied for the preseason championship at 2-0 with Tuesday’s more-impressive-than-the-final score 93-85 victory over Indiana.

Richard Hamilton made his Bulls debut convincingly with 13 points and six assists, running the fast break beautifully with Derrick Rose and hitting his only three point attempt. Rose, who is expected to join the Bulls in …

Jun 24

I’d grade the Bulls draft pretty well, though incomplete for now given we won’t know for a few years what they have in Nikola Mirotic, the 6-10 scoring forward from Montenegro whom the Bulls acquired for their Nos. 28 and 43 picks.

So they add for their roster just Marquette’s Jimmy Butler, a rugged big/guard small forward defender.

And the …

Feb 27

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau didn’t win Saturday’s game against the Bucks, which the Bulls did, 83-75.

Coaches don’t get anything in the box score. But it was one wonderful sequence late in the fourth quarter that guaranteed the game for the Bulls and gave a look at one big reason this Bulls team has responded so positively and performed above …

Jan 25

This kind of season for the Bulls, somewhat unexpected at 31-14 given the serious injuries to Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, makes basketball fun. And the Bulls were enjoying themselves after Monday’s 92-83 United Center win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Derrick Rose, who had 21 points and 10 assists, was laughing that he knew people older than teammate Kurt Thomas, …

Dec 29

The Bulls Tuesday defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 90-77. That was good.

The Bulls did so with still another relatively prosaic effort, mostly grind-it-out half court basketball with way too many jump shots and limited movement for most of the game that was bailed out by some very good defense. That was not so good.

So the Bulls moved to 20-10, …

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