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Apr 28

LeBron James was waiting for it, the subtle knuckleball of a question coming his way after his Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday eliminated the Bulls in five games with a tough 96-94 victory in the opening round playoff series.

James, who held together a shaky Cavs group that was feeling the pressure down the stretch with 19 points, 10 rebounds and nine …

Apr 20

The Bulls Thursday play Game 3 of what may be the most important playoff series in franchise history.

And thus far, even though the Bulls trail 0-2, the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers may be going very well.

That’s because based on what LeBron James has seen in the first two games, especially in the Cavs 112-102 Game 2 victory …

Apr 17

The Bulls made the playoffs. Great. Now what do they do? Or more precisely, how do they beat LeBron James, surely the league’s MVP, and the Cavs, the NBA’s winningest team?

I’m glad I asked because I know how to do it. Unfortunately, I am not coaching the Bulls, so I cannot be responsible if the Cavs win, as everyone …

Apr 7

I know if you were a Bulls fan what you wanted to do if you were watching Tuesday’s awful, 79-74 Milwaukee Bucks victory over the Bulls, especially with Toronto losing in Cleveland with a chance to tie for eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

After kicking in your TV screen.

Sign a shooter. Can’t anyone here make a shot? Hello, …

Apr 6

By Adam Fluck

Tuesday marked the first time that the Bulls and Bucks hooked up following the three-player deal between the organizations on Feb. 18. On that day, Chicago sent John Salmons to Milwaukee in exchange for Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander.

While the Bulls have struggled with injuries these last few months and are fighting for a postseason spot, …

Apr 2

The story of Ronald Murray’s NBA life has been the same. It seems teams just don’t give a Flip.

Having come to the Bulls in the Tyrus Thomas trade, Murray has made journeyman an art. The Bulls are his eighth team in eight NBA seasons, reading this way: Milwaukee, Seattle, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago.

No wonder you never …

Mar 13

Forget fighting their adversity. Better, the Bulls fought back this time. Now, they just need to turn that into a victory. A baby step, if you will.

The Bulls lost their seventh consecutive game Friday, 108-95 to the Miami Heat with starters Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah all out injured.

But they delivered their own blows this time …

Feb 23

Joakim Noah was standing near center court the other day at the end of Bulls shootaround in Washington entertaining a few teammates with some tales of life with a pony tail.

Taj Gibson and James Johnson listened raptly, smiling. Once the drills to prepare for the upcoming team conclude, players separate into groups to shoot free throws, usually a few …

Feb 21

Who are those guys wearing the Bulls uniforms?

Forget LeBron and Wade. The Bulls have Hakim the Dream and Flip to my Lou.

This is starting to get scary.

But in blowing out the Philadelphia 76ers Saturday 122-90, the Bulls won their fourth straight game in the last five nights, reached three games over .500 at 29-26 for the first …

Feb 18

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Now, that’s what I call a trading deadline.

The NBA had a fans’ delight week with some three dozen players changing teams, including about a half dozen former All Stars. While it didn’t carry the potential balance of power changing effect of the summer of 2010 free agency, it does potentially impact …

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