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Jul 30

You could almost hear the rippling of applause, like it was a presidential State of the Union address. Except it was Bulls general manager Gar Forman. And if you could get past the part with Forman wearing shorts, it was somewhat presidential.

The state of the Bulls, as Forman told it Wednesday after USA Basketball practice at UNLV, is sound …

Apr 19

Really, what is more appropriate for this Bulls 2012-13 season than to open the playoffs with Chicago defending the Brooklyn Nets’ only All-Star with one of the league’s oldest players, Nazr Mohammed, who barely played the first half of the season when he averaged less than a point and shot 19 percent before the All-Star break.

“It was the master …

Apr 18

The common refrain, actually a cliché about the NBA, is the playoffs begin a new season and nothing much matters before then. If so, the Bulls will sign onto that as they finished a difficult, irregular and probably their most injury plagued season ever Wednesday with a 95-92 victory over the Washington Wizards.

The Bulls will open the playoffs 7 …

Apr 16

This Bulls team never quite has been the fancy Ferrari or Lexus or Corvette, the dynamic machine that exudes grace and style with extraordinary speed.

It could motor, especially when Derrick Rose was at the controls. But it’s been mostly reliable and strong, perhaps a little lumbering like a Volvo or Buick. But effective, nonetheless, until lately with some sputtering …

Apr 5

Really, who are these guys, these Bulls who somehow Thursday on national TNT came back from a 16-point deficit to beat the Brooklyn Nets 92-90?

I know Nazr Mohammed, but he’s no Joakim Noah. Yet Mohammed, who had 20 DNPs by All-Star break, played 36 minutes for the injured Noah, almost doubled the rebounds of Nets All-Star center Brook Lopez, …

Jan 29

It’s not exactly a crisis. Actually, it’s a pretty good thing for the Bulls as they ponder their 93-85 victory Monday over the Charlotte Bobcats, their seventh win in the last nine, to go to 27-17. But with the emergence of second year man Jimmy Butler, who led the Bulls in scoring off the bench with a career high 19 …

Dec 16

Back in Brooklyn, we used to call them “the M&M Boys.” They weren’t actually beloved by all, but we respected them. The Dodgers and Giants had left and the Mets hadn’t come yet. So it was M&M, Mantle and Maris, making the big plays when they were needed.

They’re not likely to be as celebrated, and certainly not in Brooklyn. …

May 11

In the end for the Bulls Thursday and for the 2011-12 season, it was a game they weren’t supposed to win that they left shocked they lost.

Sort of the way this whole season went.

The Bulls had lost Derrick Rose, were still without Joakim Noah, had Taj Gibson playing through a sprained ankle, saw Luol Deng leave early in …

Apr 27

Saturday at noon in the United Center for the Bulls begins what they’ve been waiting for, the 2012 playoffs with the Bulls hosting the No. 8 seeded Philadelphia 76ers, the team with the poorest record in these NBA playoffs.

But before beginning what the Bulls believe can be another march to an NBA championship—really, they do—it’s worth taking some time …

Mar 6

Monday’s Bulls success against the Indiana Pacers may have been the definition of a Pyrrhic victory as the Bulls avenged their January loss to the Pacers, but may have lost Richard Hamilton to a serious shoulder injury.

More wins like this and the Bulls could be in trouble.

Hamilton left Monday’s 92-72 win a minute into the game after running …

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