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Feb 11

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said Wednesday after a discouraging and dispiriting Bulls 113-90 home loss to the Atlanta Hawks that he asked his players to look themselves in the mirror during the coming midseason All-Star game break.

But what happens if there is no reflection?

“It has been a bad, bad stretch of basketball,” Hoiberg admitted of the Bulls 13th …

Feb 9

Did you know the Energizer Bunny was arrested? He was charged with battery. I’d be condescending, but I’m not sure anyone would understand. You have to lose those great memories. You know, when you can cherish the misconceptions you had about someone.

There, now haven’t you smiled a little and forgotten about that brutal Bulls 106-91 Monday loss to the …

Feb 7

Wasn’t Groundhog Day Tuesday?

Because like in the Harold Ramis/Bill Murray movie, it seems for the Bulls like a bad day keeps repeating itself in an endless loop as the Bulls Saturday for the third time in a week blew a late lead and lost, this time 112-105 to the Minnesota Timberwolves when the Timberwolves scored the last 12 points …

Feb 6

And then there was one.

Who had Derrick Rose in the pool for the only healthy Bulls current or former All-Star in February?

Joakim Noah was lost for the season with shoulder surgery last month. Pau Gasol sustained a hand injury in the Wednesday victory in Sacramento and was out for Friday’s game in Denver. After scoring 19 points in …

Feb 5

The Bulls Friday lost Pau Gasol before the game, Jimmy Butler during the game and in the end they lost an 18-point third quarter lead and the game in the last seconds, the Denver Nuggets coming all the way back for a 115-110 victory.

The Bulls were led by Derrick Rose with 30 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. Butler …

Feb 4

E’Twaun Moore has got to be some kind of super hero, at least the way he played Wednesday in the Bulls 107-102 victory over the Sacramento Kings.

First, there was ‘Twaun to the rescue with Jimmy Butler missing his first game of the season with a sore knee, Moore scoring 13 of his career high 24 points in the first …

Feb 2

This one Monday looked so good and so welcome for the Bulls that the usually inscrutable Derrick Rose bowed to the Salt Lake City crowd in appreciation and celebration after his three pointer for a 93-90 lead seemed to give the Bulls a victory.

But sometimes it can be a long 18.9 seconds.

Because in that time the Bulls lost …

Jan 31

Hey, what happened to that other Los Angeles team? Right, the one that made the Bulls feel so good about themselves Thursday on national TV.

“We’ve seen this all year,” Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg lamented yet again Sunday after the Clippers on national ABC-TV ran out the Bulls 120-93. “I hate to sound like a broken record.”

Reader note: Plastic …

Jan 29

Perhaps the big question Thursday in the Bulls comfortable 114-91 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers was whether they finally stumbled upon something that could make them the team they’ve sought to be. Or just whether they encountered a bad team that’s just been stumbling along.

“I think we played extremely well, played together, rebounded the ball well,” said Jimmy …

Jan 26

The heat is on, on the street Inside your head, on every beat And the beat’s so loud, deep inside The pressure’s high, just to stay alive ‘Cause the heat is on — Glen Frey

The Miami Heat Monday in the United Center was on the Bulls with an 89-84 victory, the Bulls fourth consecutive home loss, a particularly discouraging …

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