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Dec 26

Could it be? Who knows? Something’s coming, something good? You’re not sure what it is, but it could be great. Yes, there could be a heck of a West Side story developing in the United Center.

“The good thing I feel when you look at the Chicago Bulls, there’s a green arrow,” Joakim Noah was saying after the Bulls delivered …

Dec 25

It’s never a scientific process to identify the point where a great athlete’s career changes, sort of the beginning of the end.

Sometimes it’s an injury, or just the natural aging process. It can be both. Maybe it will be for Kobe Bryant, who is playing in his 19th season after returning from major injuries and having played just six …

Dec 25

Your 2015 NBA All-Star starters.

For the Eastern Conference, John Wall and Dwyane Wade at guard; LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Pau Gasol in the front court.

That’s the result of the first vote released Christmas Day morning.

For the Bulls, Derrick Rose was fifth among the Eastern Conference guards and Jimmy Butler sixth.

What that means is that it’s …

Dec 24

John Wall, check. Kyrie Irving, check. Damian Lillard, check. Deron Williams, check. Yes, it starting to seem like old times again.

“Like I have been saying from the beginning,” Derrick Rose was saying after he and the Bulls took down another top team and another great guard, this time John Wall and the Washington Wizards Tuesday in an inspiring 99-91 …

Dec 23

No offense, but Splash Brothers? Best backcourt in the NBA? Sounds a bit comfortable, like a soft landing in a pond. Boisterous Brothers? Brawny Brothers? Burly Brothers? Give that Bulls backcourt of Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler a name after they combined Monday for 56 points and 16 of 17 from the free throw line in an exciting, lively and …

Dec 22

There are many routes to a starting position in the NBA.

Obviously high level talent is one. But increasingly in the NBA, players are entering so young and with their games unexplored, their maturity level undeveloped. They enter a grown up world really without enough preparation.

The great ones adjust quickly; the great majority face the test that determines the …

Dec 20

That’s it? That’s all you got? Stopped the Golden State Warriors winning streak at 16 games. Took out the defending champion Spurs in triple overtime on their court. Not bad, but it’s not like you’re facing Jimmy Butler, Nikola Mirotic and the rebounding guys.

“Jimmy has been unreal for us this year,” said Joakim Noah of Butler’s 31 points and …

Dec 19

Welcome to the NBA and the Bulls Doug McDermott, can you spell “meniscus tear?”

“When we got the MRI, I was definitely shocked,” the Bulls rookie said before Friday’s game in Memphis as he was going to do some shooting. “But then Dr. (Brian) Cole explained to me this is a very minor knee issue and very easy to come …

Dec 19

Jimmy Butler didn’t know what the big deal was. After all, he’s just good ‘ol Jimmy from Tomball, Texas.

“I don’t want be a star,” Butler was saying in answer to a question after the Bulls struggling 103-97 victory Thursday over the New York Knicks. “I just want to be a decent role player on a really good team. Whatever …

Dec 17

Much of the story when the Bulls host the New York Knicks Thursday in the national TNT game will be Carmelo Anthony’s free agency last summer and whether Anthony, now hauling around a 5-22 record with his Knicks, either made a mistake not signing with the Bulls, regrets his decision or simply could not look at another piece of deep …

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