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Nov 2

It’s a Monday-no game for the Bulls but I’m always thinking, eating and talking hoops. I love it!

Shameless plug: BullsTV right here on …

Oct 30

Oct 27

Quick thoughts.

Are you really buying the notion that only five teams: Lakers, Spurs, Celtics, Magic and Cavs can win the title?

Don't tell that to the Mavs or Nuggets or teams like the Bulls who have hopes of playing the "good but not great" role going in to the campaign. I am NOT predicting the Bulls will be playing …

Oct 19

Audio recap: …

Oct 16

Audio recap: …

Oct 14

Audio recap: …

Oct 14

Vinny Del Negro pregame:

I am sitting in my Minnesota hotel room on a dreary October afternoon awaiting tonight’s pre season game between the Bulls and T-Wolves. For some, it may seem like a meaningless game as the league prepares for the season opener October 28. But for me, pre season games are not an after thought. There is always …

Oct 11

Game recap (10.10.09):

Head Coach Vinny Del Negro’s pregame comments (10.10.09):

Head Coach Vinny Del Negro’s postgame comments (10.10.09): …

Oct 9

Bulls and Bucks Saturday night in Green Bay. Derrick Rose may miss his second straight pre season game with an achilles and ankle injury. No need to rush him back in the lineup if he’s not 100%.

We’ll have updates and tweets throughout the game and it will be televised on WGN.

We asked “Twitter Nation” for their NBA predictions …

Oct 8

Quick hits as the Bulls returned from London Wednesday afternoon:

The O2 Arena is NBA ready. Fantastic facility. The crowd was tremendous. But for the NBA to expand to Europe they need more than London. The league needs teams crazy about ball who can afford NBA ticket prices and arenas that can hold NBA style crowds. Travel would be an …

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